Easiest way to take screenshot in Windows system


Easiest way to take screenshot in Windows system


In Windows operating system, there are different methods to grab a screenshot. There are software available for the same! But why would you download a software for snapping a screenshot when you can do that easily without the aid of any software? There is the ‘snipping tool’ which is default program provided for grabbing screenshots in Windows systems. Snipping tool can be found easily in the list of programs on start menu. But I’m going to provide an easier solution.

Have you observed the Print Screen (PrtSc) key on your keyboard? This key captures the screenshot of the whole screen. You just have to press that key and the screenshot is captured. But, to get your screenshot, one more step needs to be done.

screenshot of documents

screenshot taken using PrtSc

Now, open up Microsoft paint. Open up a blank sheet and press Ctrl+V (paste). That’s it the screenshot is pasted into the paint document and you are ready to go! This is the easiest way to snap the screenshot. PrtSc captures the screenshot of the entire page. If you want to take the screenshot of the selected window, then press Alt+PrtSc.


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