Disqus vs CommentLuv- Which one is better?


Disqus vs CommentLuv- Which one is better?


Comments section is an integral part of any blog. Without the comments section, a blog is incomplete and lifeless! When it comes to WordPress blogs, there are various plugins and WP’s default comment system to manage comments. WordPress’ default comment system is boring and inefficient, to be honest. Two of the top WordPress comment plugins are Disqus and CommentLuv. But which is the better one among the two? We will soon find out after an analysis.

comments are important

Yes, they are!

Since the default WordPress comment system is not visually appealing and prone to spam attacks, many WP users tend to use either Disqus or CommentsLuv commenting system. Let us analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both the plugins.


DISQUS Comment Plugin advantages

disqus logo


It is easy to set-up for WordPress admins and works perfectly along with almost all important plugins. It has social log-in options. It means users can log-in to comment using any of the following account- Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

disqus vs commentluv-disqus look

Disqus’ social log-in options and guest post option

Now, if the admin enables the option of guest posting, then users can comment as guests, by entering name and e-mail address.

Due to these powerful features, Disqus is spam proof. Hence, there is no need of anti-spam plugin like Akismet. Disqus also has interesting features like up-voting and down-voting of comments, discussion options etc. Another notable feature is a ‘rating’ of commenters.

Disqus also has a money making program called ‘Discovery’. If the admin chooses to activate this program on his blog, Disqus will place the links of its clients at the bottom of the post, above or below the comments (as the admin chooses). Revenue is generated according to the clicks that these links get.


DISQUS Comments Plugin disadvantages


Many bloggers have complaint regarding the loading speed of Disqus. Sometimes, Disqus takes too much time to load and has to be reloaded to correctly display the comments.

discovery option on disqus

Discovery option at work. At times, it makes the comment section look too crowded

If the admin chooses t activate the ‘Discovery’ program, the comments section may appear too crowded. Also, if the visitor clicks on the link and gets redirected to a different page, then the user engagement on our blog reduces.


CommentLuv Plugin advantages

commentluv logo


CommentLuv has this revolutionary back-link system. Whenever a commenter fills the necessary fields (the website address in particular), and posts a comment, then a back-link to the commenter’s blog is automatically placed along with the comment.

disqus vs commentluv- commentluv look

This is how CommentLuv looks like

This feature attracts blog owners very much. Since back-links are of great importance, they don’t hesitate to comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs. This increases the number of comments on a blog.

CommentsLuv loads very fast without any issue.


CommentLuv Plugin disadvantages


The free version of this plugin has no social log-in features. So, it requires blog visitors to enter their name, e mail address and website (if they have it) in order to comment. Users who don’t have time to spare will avoid making any comments on this system.

Spam fighting on the free version of CommentLuv needs improvement. For better spam-fighting features, blog owners must purchase a premium version.

Since it is a great tool for back-links, other blog owners will comment a lot on your blog. This will seem nice at first, but most of these comments will be just rubbish. The primary aim of the commenter would be to get back-links and traffic.

Since there are links to other sites, the visitors may click on it and taken to another blog. Thus the user engagement on our blog will decrease.

Analysis and Outcome- Disqus is the better one

Disqus is trusted by a number of high-profile blogs and websites. Its disadvantage (crowdedness due to Discovery) can be avoided by turning the Discovery program off. Apart from the occasional loading issues, Disqus is flawless! It ensures comments are genuine and promotes quality discussion.

CommentLuv helps your blog get more comments. But the majority of commenters comment with the sole aim of getting back-links and traffic. Quality discussion often takes second place on CommentsLuv enabled blogs.

We hope our review of both these popular WordPress comment plugins is a complete one. When you take various factors into consideration, Disqus emerges the winner! CommentsLuv is also great, but it requires the premium plugin to unlock better features like advanced spam fighting. Please give your valuable feedback in comments section.


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