Disqus for WordPress is good, but it loads too slowly


Disqus for WordPress is good. But it loads too slowly!


Most WordPress bloggers are aware of Disqus commenting system. It is considered to be one of the best commenting system available for WordPress blogs. I agree that it is pretty good commenting system. I even wrote an article stating that it is better than other 3rd party commenting systems. In that article, I mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of using Disqus and a very popular 3rd party commenting system. Now, I’ve decided to remove Disqus from my blog. The reason being that it loads too slow often.

Disqus is slow on WordPress

Yes it is..


Disqus is easy to set-up on a blog. They have a plugin that you have to install and activate. It was this simplicity that attracted me. Besides that, Disqus also was good at spam filtering. After installing it, I never had to worry about fighting spam comments on my blog.


Disqus also offered other exciting features like up-voting/down-voting of comments, community discussion etc. All this enriched the quality of commenting on a Disqus enabled blog. This is what made Disqus stand out from other 3rd party commenting plugins.


Since it was difficult for webmasters to get back links (due to Disqus), it attracted less comments on my blog. I saw that blogs with CommentLuv attracted hordes of comments. This was due to the plugin’s feature of putting a do-follow backlink to the commenter’s blog. But this feature, according to me, doesn’t improve the quality of the discussion. Comments were made just for the sake of obtaining back links.


Recently I’ve been on a quest to improve my blog’s loading speed. I tried various methods to accomplish my aim of reducing page load time. Soon I realized that Disqus was slowing down my blog. I noticed it before too that Disqus took long to load. Even after the blog contents load, Disqus wouldn’t load! This made think about Disqus’ alternatives.


I considered other third party plugins like CommentLuv, LiveFyre etc. But none impressed me. Finally I decided to go back and use the good old native commenting system of WordPress. The WordPress native commenting system loads without any delay. It looks good and simple. Visitors and readers will find it easy to use the native system. With the presence of an anti-spam plugin like Akismet, one can keep spammers at bay! I agree that Disqus is efficient and cool. But it takes too much time to load.


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