Mystery Behind the Birth of ‘Devil Like’ Baby in India Revealed!


devil baby born in India


Just after the first week of February 2014, NEWS about the birth of a ‘devil baby’ started circulating in Gujarat, India. According to rumors, the new born baby was red in color, with strange physical features like red eyes, strange face etc. It was reported that the birth took place in Surat City in Gujarat State of India. People thronged the hospital to get a glimpse of the ‘devil’!


Within a day or two, photos of the devil baby surfaced. Some local NEWS papers were the first to come out with detailed articles and pictures. Within hours, the pictures of the infant were being circulated on social sites like Facebook and messaging services like WhatsApp.

devil baby gujarat


Even a friend of mine got those pics and he forwarded them to me. The NEWS was confirmed by doctors present at the hospital. This led to rising tension among locals of Surat city! Some went on to say that the ‘end of earth’ was near! Some demanded that the baby should be killed and not allowed to live anymore!


But, it seems that the mystery around this bizarre incident has been revealed! That poor infant is neither devil nor an agent of destruction. He is an unfortunate victim of the disease called- Harlequin type Ichthyosis!


I went through the disease’s Wikipedia page and the symptoms described on it matches the baby’s present condition. This disease occurs due to the thickening of keratin layer on skin. This leads to the presence of ‘diamond shaped scales’ on skin and a reddish color. Organs like eyes and ears also get misshaped!


So, after an initial scare, the mystery has finally been solved! Talking about the disease, it was ‘almost fatal’ in the past. But, with the advancement made in the field of medicine, this disease is curable now!


Let’s hope that the baby receives the best treatment and recovers well! As of now, it seems paranoid locals also have accepted that the baby is not devil and his appearance is due to the disease.


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