Stop cropping images on Instagram and edit the entire image

Instagram app has been downloaded many times on various platforms like iOs, Android etc. This is proof of the fact that the photo and video sharing service is very much popular among smartphone users. The visual effects provided by the service are awesome. These special effects certainly add more spice and life to images clicked by smartphones and digital cameras. But one thing that users really don’t like about Instagram is the ‘cropping’ part. In this article, I will show how one can use the whole image for adding effects, without cropping it on Instagram.

Instagram on Android smartphone

As I said before, the visual effects offered by Instagram are really cool. But before one can try out and apply those effects on an image, the image has to be mandatorily cropped. This is the part that many people don’t like about this tool.

The cropping part often leaves out the attractive sections of an image and allows users to edit only the selected section. This certainly erodes the beauty of pictures in many cases.


How to get rid of this cropping part, when it comes to Instagram?

Cropping can be avoided, if the image is square shaped! In case of a square shaped image, with equal length and height, the cropping part won’t do much harm! Yes, the entire image can be selected for further editing and application of special effects.

So, as long as you are clicking square shaped images, it is okay, cropping section won’t force you to leave out parts of the image before editing it. In case you are having a rectangle shaped image, try to re-size it and make it square shaped using photo editors.

Many times, just changing the dimensions of an image and making it square will make the image look compressed and weird. That is when the application called #Squaredroid comes handy. This app is a real boon for Android users.

I’ve already written a post about how #Squaredroid enables users to use the whole image as their WhatsApp profile picture, without cropping it. The same theory applies here!

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Upon editing an image using the above mentioned app, it simply adds borders to the images, apt ones, and makes the images square shaped! Thus, Instagram users have the freedom to edit the entire image, even after going through the ‘crop’ phase!


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