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Do you own a blog or website? Want to put up a catchy banner ad to grab attention of visitors? Want to market your services and products? You have arrived at the right place. Here, I’ll show you how to create ‘catchy’ banner ads and how to insert them into your blog/website. Hey, it won’t require much coding skills and all. This, according to me, is the easiest way to get this task done!

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How to create a brilliant banner ad easily?

It is not a difficult task at all! First of all, let me tell you the processes involved in making and inserting a banner ad into your blog/site. First of all, you must design a banner image. Secondly, you should upload it into your blog/site’s content directory. At last, you should insert two lines of code at the place of your blog/site, where you want the ad to appear.


Step #1- Creating a banner ad

Creating an attractive and catchy banner depends on your creativity and imagination. For accomplishing this task, you may use humble tools like MS Paint, Picasa or much more sophisticated graphic designing software.


You may also use GIF images to add a bit animation to the banner. It is the easiest way to make an animated banner! Keep in mind that the dimension of the banner you make should be equal to the ‘ad-space’ allotted for the ad in the blog/site.


Step #2- Uploading the image to site/blog’s content directory

Since you are designing your own banner, it is better to upload it to your site/blog’s database only. For this, there are various methods.


If you are a WordPress user, just head to the dashboard and upload the banner to the ‘media library’. Otherwise, use the FTP option to upload the banner to the content directory.


Step #3- Inserting the ad banner at the right place

Again, WordPress users can do this job easily. Because, most of the best WordPress premium themes (Theme Junkie is a good example) have dedicated ad slots.


If you own such a theme, all you need to do is insert the code for an ‘image source’ and ‘target url’. Image source is the address of the source of the banner image. Target url is the address, where the user will be taken to, after he clicks on the banner.


If you are not a WordPress user/don’t have ready ad slots, then insert this code at the relevant location like header, footer, sidebar etc.


Basically, the code will look like this-


<a href=”http://www.yoursite.com/target-url”><img src=”http://www.yoursite.com/wp-content/banner.jpg” width=”” height=”” /></a>


Let’s analyze the codes. The ‘a href’ part is all about the target url. It is the url, where you want the visitors to be headed to, after clicking the link. The ‘img src’ part deals with the address and location of the banner image. WordPress users may get it from the media library. If you’ve used FTP to upload the banner to your database, you can get the image source url from the address bar by accessing that image through FTP. You should also specify the width and height of the banner.


This is the easiest way to create an ad banner. Make sure that you use graphic tools to make a catchy banner. There is no coding involved in this method. All you need to insert is few lines of html codes. But, that’s no big deal at all!


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