Common Blogging Mistakes and their Solutions


Some common mistakes made by bloggers and their solutions

We all make mistakes. Bloggers are no different either! They too make mistakes. Among them, the newbies are more prone to make mistakes. They are new to blogging and are learning new things slowly. Actually, making mistakes is a part and parcel of blogging.

blogging mistakes and solutions


After going through this article, you will come to know about some common blogging mistakes. These mistakes may seem harmless at first. But actually they are capable of making your blog a failure. Thankfully, we’ve also got solutions for different mistakes.

The List of 11 commons blogging mistakes :


#1 No SEO

SEO is very important when it comes to blogging. If you want your blog to get more organic traffic from search engines, then you can’t ignore SEO. Usually, new bloggers makes this mistake. Most of them, at the beginning, are unaware of the concept of SEO.


By the time they come to know about it, they would have already published lots of blog posts that have poor SEO. Bloggers should make sure that their blog, theme and blog posts are search engine friendly.


To ensure this, you may use free plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO. Also read the SEO Bible for WordPress users.


#2 Overdoing SEO


Overdoing SEO on a blog is as bad as not doing optimization at all! When new bloggers comes to know about optimization, they take it a bit too seriously. They get misled easily and may overdo SEO.


Search engines hate it when bloggers try to abuse SEO and manipulate them. Their algorithm is good at identifying such blogs and treats them as ‘Splogs (Spam blogs)’.


Search engines punish such blogs by demoting them in their search results. Use the plugin named SEO Pressor to tackle this problem. This plugin will notify you when you’ve overdone optimization of your posts.


#3 Poor Writing skills


No matter how good and helpful your blog post is, bad writing skills will ruin it for sure. A blogger must have decent writing skills and knowledge of language.


Poor language and grammar mistakes will drive visitors away. If you are really serious about blogging, you must consider polishing your writing skills.


#4 Selection of Hosting service


If you want to start your own blog, you need to find a good hosting service provider. Nowadays, there are a number of players in this field. Many of them are good, but some of them are just horrible at what they do.


Many new bloggers go for ‘cheap’ hosting service. You must realize that they are cheap for a reason. Usually, these cheap hosting providers ensure that your blog loads at a speed similar to that of a tortoise! This is due to their policy of keeping hundreds of sites/blogs on a single server!


Some host providers are notorious for placing ads on their clients’ sites without permission! Before you choose a hosting company, do some research about them. Use forums and ask existing customers about their experience with the host provider. Read this list of best 5 web hosting companies compiled by



#5 Blogging just for money


More and more people are getting aware of blogging and various opportunities associated with it. Everybody wants to make money blogging! Most of them start blogs solely for this purpose.


This is a bad trend. To earn money blogging, you must put in dedicated effort and have patience. Another important element is passion. Money-hungry bloggers usually lack the above three qualities.


So, when they don’t get immediate results, they run out of steam and quit blogging!


#6 Not learning from others


There are many blogs out there offering blogging tips and tricks. Some of them are really helpful for new bloggers. Despite the availability of a treasure of information, many new bloggers don’t make use of it.


There is nothing wrong in learning from others. Actually, visiting such helpful blogs will help you avoid blogging mistakes and increase your technical knowledge related to blogging.


#7 Not promoting blog and blog posts on Social networks


For a blog, there are two main sources of traffic- search engines and social networking sites. Good SEO takes care of search engines. But to make use of social networking sites, you have to put in special effort.


Create your blog’s page on Facebook and Google+. Create a Twitter handle for your blog. Use social bookmarking plugins and widgets to promote your posts on such sites.


New bloggers must promote their blog posts on such sites. A good way is to write ‘viral’ content and post and promote them on various social networks.


#8 Blogging burnout


Most bloggers think that it is very important to keep their blog updated. They make it a point to publish 3-4 posts daily. This is possible and practical if your blog has multiple authors.


Instead of publishing 3-4 medium quality posts, publish 1 great article a day! This way, you will publish quality articles and can avoid blogging burnout. Don’t write if you don’t feel like doing so. Take some rest and recharge your batteries.


#9 Bad selection of Ads

For most of us, the primary aim of blogging is to earn money. The main source of revenue for any blog is through ads.

Ad service like AdSense has strict policies when it comes to choosing publishers. So, many bloggers go for AdSense alternatives.


Many bloggers make this mistake of choosing bad ads on their blogs. Ad types like pop up ads drive visitors away from your blog. Also, bad ad providers may result in malware infections on your blog. Ultimately, this will result in Google blacklisting your blog. Read this article about how to choose ads wisely.


#10 Using unnecessary plugins


Plugins are an integral parts of any WordPress blog. They boost the productivity of a blog. Here is a list of 10 free WordPress plugins you must have.


Using unnecessary plugins will increase the page load time of your blog. Page load time is one of the factors affecting search rankings. Further, unstable plugins will compromise the safety of your blog.


P3 plugin profiler will help you solve this problem. This plugin scans all the plugins used in your blog and point out the slow ones out. It is better to delete slow and useless plugins.

#11 Lack of Patience


We want quick results. When it comes to blogging, quick results are not common. Patience is a quality every blogger must have. Your blog won’t get millions of page views in a day. Your blog won’t start generating revenue in a day.

A blogger must put continuous effort and have patience at the same time.


Human beings make mistakes. But once we know about them, we should avoid making mistakes. I hope this article will help new bloggers.


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