CloudFlare CDN Free Plan’s Review


Recently, I’ve been busy trying to increase the loading speed and reduce the loading time of my blog. I must say, I’d been working really hard on achieving super-fast loading speed for my blog. I tried many methods to reduce page load time. Somehow, I stumbled upon the concept of using CDN (Content Delivery Network). This knowledge led me to CloudFlare CDN service. Here, I will review CloudFlare CDN’s free plan.

CloudFlare CDN review

Review Time!

The biggest advantage : There is a good free plan available!

When I came to know of the big players in the CDN industry, I was disappointed. Most of the reliable ones charged money for their services. This was something I was not prepared to do. I was determined that I will boost the loading speed of my blog without spending much money.


Of course, I saw many free services too. But, to be honest, most of them had hidden charges and/or offered severely limited services. That wasn’t acceptable at all for me. CloudFlare CDN too has a free plan. But the free plan doesn’t much dilute the quality of the service they offer their PRO users.

CloudFlare’s free plan comes loaded with exciting features!

Yes, as I mentioned above, CloudFlare offers great features even on free plan! They offer great security and performance features for free service users too.


Some of the very useful features are- spam protection, overall site protection, all time live feature, rocket loader (beta), site analytics etc. These features make your blog more secure, fast and productive. The PRO users have the privilege to use much more exciting features. But, come on, getting all the above mentioned services for free is insanely beneficial for a blogger unwilling to spend money! In short, the quality of their free service beats that of their competitors.

It does its task well- it seriously speeds up blogs

CloudFlare has increased the loading speed of my blog (go check it on Google analytics or GT Metrix). Using it has reduced the number of http requests. Literally the number of http requests have become 1/3 rd of what was made before using this CDN.


The servers of CloudFlare CDN are spread across various locations. This enables our site to be served from the server nearest to the visitor’s location. It also has options to minify HTML, CSS, JS etc.

Setting CloudFlare up is very easy

Many think that setting up a CDN is difficult. Even I thought so. That was until I set-up CloudFlare on my blog. The first step is to make an account on CloudFlare’s website. After registering, you will be provided API key. The next step is to install the CDN’s plugin on your WordPress blog.


After installing the plugin and activating it, enter the API key and update it. The last step is to change the nameservers. This can be done by contacting the folks who helped you register your domain.

Disadvantages :

CloudFlare performs much better when we enable features like minifying of CSS, JavaScript, HTML etc. But this comes at a cost. On using these features, sometimes, certain plugins cease to work. This I think is a disadvantage of this free CDN service.


CloudFlare will be of use to bloggers who want to boost blog speed without breaking the bank. The free plan is feature rich, easy to set-up and manage. The disadvantages of this free CDN service are numerically inferior to the advantages offered by it! Hope my review helps you out.


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