Chitika WordPress Monetization Plugin’s Review


Chitika is an advertising network. They have a good reputation in the advertising field. They are considered to be a good alternative to Google AdSense. They offer various advertising solutions for advertisers. Publishers, using Chitika, get a chance to monetize their blogs and sites. Here, we’ll see what Chitika’s new WordPress Monetization plugin has to offer. Let us go for a quick review of this plugin.

chitika's wordpress plugin



Many WordPress bloggers use Chitika ads to monetize their blogs. But Chitika never had any WordPress plugin unlike some other ad networks. Publishers thus had to visit Chitika’s website to get approved for ad programs, customize ads, obtain ad codes etc.


Now things have changed, this plugin makes integrating Chitika ads to your blog lot easier. Still, if you want to get accepted as Chitika ads publisher, you must register for an account. The account needs to get approved before you can use this plugin.


Chitika has also introduced ‘display ads’ with this plugin! Till now, Chitika focused mostly on text ads and in-text ads. With the introduction of display ads, CTR (Click Through Rates) are expected to up. With that, earnings of publishers will also go up. Further, only relevant ads will be shown. This means CTR rates will go up!


All about Chitika’s WordPress Monetization Plugin

This plugin can easily be found at Search for ‘Chitika WordPress plugin’ on Google search to find it easily. Download the zip file.


Now, install this plugin. Follow these steps to install it- Dashboard> Installed Plugins> Add New> Upload> Select Zip file> Install> Activate.


That’s it, the plugin has been installed and activated. Now you need to enter your Chitika username and password to proceed with ad selection, customization and placement. If you don’t have a Chitika account, go to their website and apply for one. It is relatively easy to get approved when compared to AdSense.


After entering the username and password, you can customize the ads. You may change various ad setting like the position of ads, ad size etc. So there is no need to visit their site to customize your ads. Also, there is no need to paste ad codes into your blog pages and posts! The plugin does this automatically. If you don’t want ads to appear in a certain post, you may insert a line of code (you’ll find it in the plugin) to avoid ads!


Further, this plugin doesn’t slow down your blog much. I’ve tested it myself. It works very well. Ads load fast, without much delay. The huge variety of ad sizes is a big advantage. Certain ad sizes have great CTR (which means more earnings). According to my review, this plugin is a must have for Chitika publishers who use WordPress. This plugin makes life a lot easier for them.


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