Celebrity Cricket League: A fact file

Cricket is the most favorite sport in India. There is no need to prove this fact. It is just like another religion. We have cricketing gods too…if you know what I mean. I don’t know how cricket won the hearts of millions of Indians, but one thing I know is that it is entertaining.


Coming to entertainment, we have our cinemas. From bollywood to tollywood, Indian folks have always loved an entertaining flick. The passion that Indians have for cinemas can be known by analyzing the growth of our film industry. After a small start, India has grown on to become the home of some of the largest film industries. India produces the most number of films annually. Stars enjoy a ‘god-like’ status in our country. Better yet, a temple was made, where the deity was an actress! Such is the popularity of cinema in India.


So, we are crazy about cricket and movies. What if we could merge the two into one product? It would be swashbuckling. A deadly combination. That is what the CCL is. CCl stands for Celebrity Cricket League. Going by the above formula, it is destined to be a hit among fans. Who wouldn’t love to see their movie stars wielding a cricket bat and fighting in out on the pitch?


This event started off in 2011 and has had two successful editions. The 3rd edition will start off in less than 15 hours. Let us take a look into some details:


There are 8 teams representing the regional film industries.


Team                         Film industry

Kerala Strikers                             Malayalam (Kerala)


Mumbai Heroes                           Hindi (Bollywood)


Veer Marathi                                Marathi (Maharashtra)


Bhojpuri Dabbangs                     Bhojpuri (Bihar)


Bengal Tigers                               Bengali (West Bengal)


Telugu Warriors                          Telugu (Andhra Pradesh)


Chennai Rhinos                          Tamil (Tamil Nadu)


Karnataka Bulldozers                Kannada (Karnataka)


Among these 8 teams, two have been new entrants- Bhojpuri Dabbangs and Veer Marathi.

The Brand Ambassadors of the event are actresses Bipasha Basu and Kajal Agarwal.


Talking about the previous results, only one team has lifted the trophy so far. Chennai Rhinos had won the first two editions and the rest of the teams will be looking for a change this time around.

The tournament will start in Kochi where Kerala strikers will take on Mumbai Heroes.

Which team you think will win this time?


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