15 Best Careers to Select After 12th Science

12th standard is like a turning point in a student’s life. Okay, let me remove that term ‘like’ from the previous sentence. Because, if you ask me, it is the turning point for sure! So, to build a good career and live a prosperous life, one must be well planned and prepared at this juncture. Thankfully, this post will be of great help to those, who are about to pass 12th science or are going to start it. I’m about to share with you some career tips and options which you may do after passing 12th science.


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I’m not saying that if you don’t follow this article, your life and career will be doomed. Well, getting success and building a good career is not only dependent on high education. Just take the example of many college dropouts who later went on to become successful entrepreneurs! So, it is all about skills, isn’t it? Having said that, I’d also like to stress the importance of education. It can’t be neglected.


The article and the list of possible careers I’ve listed is big. I request you to read the whole article and select those career options, which you feel you are comfortable to go ahead with. You know, all courses won’t suit a student. A student has to choose the one that suits him best and go ahead with it.


Okay, let’s get it started. I’m about to start this list of careers for 12th science students. Do read the whole article.


Good Career Options After 12th Science

First of all, let me run through the regular ones, which consists of the likes of Engineering, MBBS, BDS, BSc etc. I’ll also be giving some valuable tips regarding some of those courses and careers related to them. The, we’ll move on to some lesser know and other courses, and careers related to them.


#1 Engineering Career

Well, this is kind of a mixed mag. The field of Engineering has been saturated. There are numerous colleges offering those courses and the number of graduates is increasing each year.


There are so many of them that good jobs are becoming scarce. One may find large number of jobless engineers taking up other odd jobs to make ends meet!


So why choose engineering as a career, you might ask. Well, some branches of Engineering are not saturated yet. Those are the core branches. Further, there are some new emerging branches, that haven’t been saturated too!


Building a career in those branches will help for sure. So, selecting evergreen branches like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Electrical Engineering will prove to be productive.


Also, branches like- Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Mechatronics, Bio Medical Engineering, Food Processing and Technology are not saturated yet! Selecting any of them will also help build a great and rewarding career.


#2 MBBS and a Career in Medicine

Well, this is for those who are ready to live a busy life! I mean, to be a good doctor, you must be ready to sacrifice a lot.


In our society, a Doctor is often seen as God by many. This career is well respected in the society. But at the same time, this career also has lots of demands.


First of all, just getting MBBS degree won’t suffice. Nowadays, doing a Post Graduation course after completing MBBS has become a necessity! In fact, the trend of going for super speciality courses is catching up fast catching up!


This means that a student, who is interested in making this a career must have patience. Because, completing all these studies and internships takes many years! Further, Doctors are like perpetual students! They keep on learning new things for the rest of their lives!

Also, after becoming a well qualified doctor, they can’t afford to relax. They may be called for cases of emergencies any time! Still, if this career interests you, then go for it! You will get a chance to serve people!


#3 BDS and Career in Dentistry

Dentistry is becoming more and more saturated each day. Unlike MBBS, many colleges offering this course exist. Thus, the number of graduates is increasing.


But based on how skillful you are, you can build a rewarding career in this field! Like MBBS, PG and super speciality branches exist in this field also.


But unlike the career of an MBBS doctor, a dentist can afford to relax a bit! The nature of this work is not of as high intensity as that of an MBBS Doctor!


You may try for a government career, private clinics or your own clinic after completing this course. The choice is yours to make.


#4 B Sc followed by M Sc and a Career in Research or of a Teacher

Many students consider the above two courses to be glamour-less and useless. That is because they are not much aware about the career opportunities that they offer.


Do you know that our country needs good quality teachers to teach the young ones? Well, teachers are in huge demand. Their numbers are dwindling each year. It seems like no one is interested in the profession of teaching.


I think you should exploit this situation. If you have a flair for teaching, why not opt for it as a career. You may even open your private tutoring center and rake in good money. And leaving that money part aside, you’ll get an opportunity to educate students!


Apart from a teaching career, the above courses also opens door to a career in Research and Development. Our country is facing a dearth of qualifies scientists.


Gujarat Government came up with an initiative to rope in topper students to B Sc and M Sc courses. The Government, in a bid to attract the toppers of each school to a career in Research and Development, offered the toppers a scholarship for 5 years!


So, never underestimate the opportunities that the above courses offers.


#5 Career in Management

Want to work in an MNC? Want to take care of the managerial aspects of a business or an organization? Maybe going for BBA after 12th science will help you.


You may follow it up with an MBA also!


#6 Career in the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces- Navy, Army and AirForce wants the best men and women to join them. NDA (National Defence Academy) exams will open doors to a career in Armed Forces for students who have passed/are studying in 12th science.


But, there is an age limit you should be aware of. To get admitted to NDA, the candidate must not be older than 19 years of age at the time the course commences. If you don’t get selected, there’s more to it than just NDA. You may give CDS exam after graduation and get into the armed forces!


#7 Career in fashion designing

If you have a flair for designing and are interested in the field of fashion, then this field is for you. This career is all about designing new apparels, creating innovative designs etc.


#8 Career in civil aviation as a pilot

Well, this is a very glamorous and high paying profession. But being able to choose this field as a career is not that easy.


First of all, you have to be medically fit and satisfy certain physical and medical standards. You must then undergo the Commercial Pilot’s training to acquire a License. This training is bit costly, you know! If flying is your passion and if you can’t afford to undergo commercial pilot’s training, you may go and join the Indian AirForce and become a pilot there.


Upon retiring from there, you may use that very flying license to get a commercial pilot’s license with relative ease! Brilliant idea, isn’t it?


#9 Career in the Merchant Navy

Like the Armed Forces, this career is also an adventurous one. At the same time, it is high paying also! You may take up courses related to this field, like- Marine Engineering, Marine Technology etc to build one such career.


Also read: Top Maritime courses for Merchant Navy jobs


But this career involves some risks and sacrifices too. A sailor should be ready to spend months surfing the seas, away from land. Further, there are some occupational hazards too!


#10 Career in Veterinary Sciences

Well, like human beings, animals too suffer from diseases. In India, Animal Husbandry is flourishing. Thus, there is a huge demand for qualified Veterinary Doctors and Physicians in India.


You may build a great career in the Government sector or private sector, after doing this course. People are so busy, gazing at MBBS and BDS that they are missing this course, that provides good opportunities!


#11 BAMS Doctor

Well, this is the Ayurveda stuff. Upon completing BAMS, you’ll get the title of a Doctor, but an Ayurvedic one. Right now, Ayurveda is preferred by many, thanks to it being free of side effects to a large extent.


#12 Career in the field of Pharmacy

In India, a pharmacist is often not given much importance. But abroad, in Europe and countries like America, they are treated like Doctors. And in many countries, Doctors just do diagnosis. It is the pharmacist who prescribes the drugs!


B Pharm followed by M Pharm will help you build a promising career. You may become a Lecturer or Research Scientist after doing it.


Another good course is Pharm D. It is like a combined version of B Pharm, M Pharm and bit if MBBS! Pharm D graduates are in high demand abroad!


#13 Some Industrial courses

If it is getting a good job after 12th science that is your prime priority, I suggest you to do some industries centered courses. Courses like- welding technology, fire and safety technology etc are industry specific.


#14 Architecture and Interior Designing

Involves drawing plans etc. So, if you dislike designing things and drawing plans etc, this thing and career is not for you! Architecture is tough, my friends who did it say so.


But if you are skillful enough, a promising career lays ahead you. You may join the public sector, private sector or even start your own firm!


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# 15 Agriculture Sciences

This course is a treasure chest of opportunities. After doing this course, one may easily land a good Government job and build a good career.


Many folks overlook this field and the careers associated with it. But you shouldn’t make the same mistake!


These are the top careers that you should know about. After passing 12th science, usually students choose a course and career depending upon their parents’ wishes! But do follow your wish instead! Build a career in the field that you are passionate about!


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