Career in Advertising: Jobs, Scope, Details, Courses, Salary & More

Do you want to build a rewarding career in in advertising sector? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, we will have an in-depth analysis of the topic – career in advertising sector.

Career in Advertising

In this post, readers will find the following details – what is advertising (the domain) all about, career options available in this sector, ways to achieve decent career growth, ways to climb up the career-ladder quickly, traits required to thrive in this field, relevant academic programs, scope and salary details.


Readers looking for ways to enter advertising sector will benefit from this post. Here, they will find all the important details that they need to know about advertising sector.


First of all, let us take a closer look at advertising, the domain. In the next section, we will find answers to these questions and topics – what is advertising all about, what is this domain like, how this sector works etc. Let us start –


Advertising: Basic details about this domain

Advertising forms an integral part of marketing! Without advertising, a marketing campaign won’t just work!


In simple terms, advertising is a form of marketing communication. Advertising employs openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote/sell a product, service or idea.


Advertising has been around us for quite some time now. With time, advertising techniques too have undergone change. It is safe to say that technology has had immense impact on advertising!


Basic elements of advertising

Advertising, the process, consists of three main aspects – the advertiser, the medium of communication and the customer/target audience. Advertiser is the person, business or entity that pays for the message. He/she/the entity crafts the message and usually has full control over the message.


Medium of communication is the channel through which the message is communicated. For example – TV, print media, new media – these are some such popular channels that are used to propagate these messages.


These finely crafted messages are usually aimed at carefully selected target audience. The audience may end up buying the advertiser’s product/service after watching the message (this is the ultimate aim of the advertiser).


Purposes of advertising

Businesses rely on advertising for various reasons. Increasing sales is the prime objective. However, there also exists other reasons such as – cultivating brand awareness, building trust and loyalty among customers, improving public image etc.


No matter how good a product or service is, without advertising, it becomes difficult to sell the product/service. A good advertising campaign can work workers for a business. It can help improve sales, improve brand awareness, visibility of the product, build brand loyalty among customers etc.


Classification of advertising campaigns

Advertising can be classified into different types on the basis of factors such as – target audience, style of advertising, geographic scope, purpose or medium of communication.


Based on the medium of communication, it can be broadly classified into two types – Traditional media and new media. TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards – these are examples of traditional media. Websites, mobile app, smart outdoor display ads, digital magazine ads – these are examples of new media.


Career options available in advertising sector

Advertising is an important part of marketing sector. Indirectly, advertising professionals can be termed to be working in marketing sector!


Advertising sector is known to generate ample amount of job opportunities each year. This sector is known to generate different types of job profiles.


Broadly speaking, advertising sector is known to offer the following job profiles/posts –

  • Management level jobs
  • Creative side jobs
  • Sales based jobs
  • Marketing based jobs
  • Technical jobs
  • Media based jobs


Let us take a closer look at each type of job profile. Let us start –


  1. Management jobs in advertising sector

    • Examples: Production manager, campaign manager, executive director, sales manager, project manager, finance manager, agency manager etc
  2. Creative jobs in advertising sector

    • Examples: Photographer, video director, cr4eative director, copywriter, graphics designer, creative editor, illustrator, production artist, web designer etc
  3. Marketing and sales based jobs in advertising sector

    • Examples: Market researcher, data analyst, marketing associate, sales manager, analyst, marketing coordinator etc
  4. Technical jobs in advertising sector

    • Examples: Print media specialist, broadcast media specialist, new media specialist, web developer etc
  5. Media based jobs in advertising sector

    • Examples: Media manager, media planner, media buyer, media coordinator etc


In short, advertising is not just about producing a set of videos or sketches. It involves aspects such as – market research, marketing, creative work, technical aspects (printing, broadcasting etc) etc.


Let us check out popular advertising courses now. Let us start –


Advertising courses

Marketing programs do cover the topic of advertising. So, if you choose to pursue a marketing course, the curriculum automatically covers crucial aspects of advertising. Due to this reason, I’ve decided to include marketing programs (too) in this section.


Based on the format of the course, advertising courses can be classified into the following types – Bachelor’s Degree courses, Master’s Degree courses, Diploma courses, PG Diploma courses and PG Certification programs.


Based on the academic level, advertising courses can be classified into the following types – UG level courses and PG level courses. Based on the field/domain, these programs can be broadly classified into – advertising courses, marketing courses, journalism courses etc.


Let us take a closer look at some of the popular advertising programs –


  1. Bachelor’s Degree programs

    • Examples: BBA in Marketing, BBA, BMS, BBA in Digital Marketing, BBA in Advertising, BJMC etc
  2. Master’s Degree programs

    • Examples: MBA in Marketing, MBA, MBA in Advertising, MBA in Media Management, MBA in Digital Marketing, MMS etc
  3. PG Diploma programs

    • Examples: PG Diploma in Advertising, PG Diploma in Media Management, PG Diploma in Digital Marketing and Advertising, PG Diploma in New Media Advertising, PG Diploma in Marketing, PG Diploma in Video Production etc


Let us check out some ways to give your career in advertising sector some growth! Here it is –


Ways to achieve (career) growth in advertising sector

The best way to ensure career growth is – by pursuing an advanced advertising course. For example, if you are a Bachelor’s Degree holder working in this sector, you may pursue relevant MBA or PG Diploma course. This will help you acquire advanced skills and knowledge. This will inturn lead to a better job/promotion/increase in salary!


You may also check –

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Scope and salary

Advertising sector is growing at a healthy pace. This sector is here to stay. Technology has had a huge impact on this sector. Yes, this is a dynamic sector. It is constantly evolving. For example – traditional media has given way to new media. This has changed the world of advertising! As a result, new job profiles and opportunities have emerged in this sector!


In short, as long as businesses have products or services to sell, they’d need skilled marketers! And advertising forms an integral part of marketing! Skilled advertising professionals are in huge demand these days.


Starting salary depends upon factors such as – your job profile in advertising sector, your job location, profile of the employer, your academic qualifications, your aptitude etc. On an average, it could be anywhere between 25-70K INR per month.

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