Boost Blog traffic in 5 easy and proven steps


Boost Blog traffic in 5 easy and proven steps


Every blogger wants his blog to have huge traffic. Only huge traffic can guarantee them decent ad revenue. But many bloggers find it difficult to boost traffic. ‘How to boost blog traffic’ is a much Googled term. Struggling bloggers try many methods to increase traffic. Some methods may be white-hat while some others may be black-hat. Using black-hat SEO to boost blog’s traffic will do more harm than good.

Another option is to consult an SEO specialist. There are many SEO specialists who promise to boost traffic of any blog they lay their hands on. To an extent, they are true. After all, they are qualified SEO experts! They won’t forget to charge a hefty sum for their services though! Thus, this method of boosting blog traffic is not feasible for common bloggers, who don’t have deep pockets.

SEO plays an important role in boosting blog traffic. The main sources of a blog’s traffic are search engines’ organic traffic. And getting featured in search results is what SEO deals with. But here, I’m going to describe you some other steps, using which you can turbo boost you blog’s traffic. Let me remind you that these steps and tips are ridiculously easy to perform. These are not black-hat techniques. These are proven, white-hat ways to boost a blog’s traffic. I would say each and every blogger must follow these steps religiously and see their blog’s traffic sky rocket!

Now, let’s head straight to the steps to boost your blog’s traffic :



#1 Systematically Use Social Networks to promote your blog

addthis buttons to boost blog traffic



You can’t run away from Social networks. Social networks are the main source of traffic for many blogs on the internet. Almost every person you know has a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ id. Millions of people spend hours on these social networking sites.

It makes sense that you share your blog’s content systematically on social networking sites. First of all, make a Facebook page related your blog, a Twitter handle and a Google+ community related your blog. Now, share your best contents on these pages and let your online friends know about it. Based on the quality of the content, your page will get liked and followed. Naturally, these users will also visit your blog. Bingo, you just started increasing your blog traffic! Now this process will continue as long as your blog content gets shared.

You must share good content regularly and consistently. Timing also plays an important role. Share them at a time when maximum number people tend to be online, like in the evening. Also try to share some controversial and viral content. This will help gain your blog more traffic.

Your blog should also have social sharing buttons. Having them is a good way to get your content shared on social networking sites. Install the AddThis social buttons plugin for WordPress. It will take care of all your ‘social sharing buttons’ worries!

The good thing about these networks is the fact that when one guy likes your blog content, 10 others will see it. Some may even click on it. This will start a ‘chain reaction’. This is how social networking sites can turbo-boost your blog’s traffic!



#2 Comment on other blogs


Commenting on others’ blog is a nice way of getting back-links and promoting your blog. There is a commenting system called CommentLuv. Many blogs use this system. This system is a boon for bloggers because when you comment on it, it will automatically provide a back-link to the most recent post on your blog.

So, if your last post is a really good and helpful one, expect a boost of traffic soon after commenting! Remember to comment on blogs with good traffic and PR. Don’t over-do this commenting activity. If the back-link that will appear is good enough, it will attract huge traffic and you won’t have to repeat this commenting procedure.

Suppose the top blogs you know don’t use CommentLuv, then what needs to be done? Well, whatever commenting platform it is, don’t just resort to meaningless commenting. Try to take part in the discussions going on in the comment section. Try to be a problem solver and gain respect of others. Mention about your site occasionally. Readers and traffic will soon flow in!



#3 Make use of Forums related to your niche

forums for blog traffic


There are numerous forums on the internet that are dedicated to various niches like- blogging, technology, computers, literature, cars, swimming, petting, gardening etc. The list would be very long. You can make use of these forums to get a boost in your blog’s traffic.

People tend to resort to niche forums to solve their problems. Many big forums have a large user community. They regularly solve problems of each other and have discussions related to their niche.

Join a good and active forum related to your niche. Find time to be active there. Be a problem solver. Try to gain respect of the members of the forum. After every problem you solve, put a small signature (of your blog) at the end.This will boost blog’s traffic if you have a good reputation among the members of the forum.



#4 Guest Blogging

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A proven way to increase and boost your blog’s traffic and reputation, its effectiveness ultimately depends on your writing skills and knowledge of niche. First of all, you should only guest post on blogs with good page rank and traffic (if getting more visitors to your blogs is the primary objective). Second thing- don’t let the quality of the content degrade. The content should be related to your niche.

Many people compromise the quality of writing and the usefulness of the article when doing guest blogging. This is utter foolishness. The writing should be of top quality and the content must be very useful to others. Then only it will attract visitors to your blog and boost traffic.



#5 Don’t forget Social Bookmarking Sites


Social Bookmarking sites are notorious for ‘viral’ content. But as far as bloggers are concerned, viral contents are always welcome since they offer a turbo-boost in blog traffic! There are number of social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious etc.

Never fail to promote your blog contents on each of these sites. Try to promote slightly controversial, close-to-viral content. Sites like StumbleUpon can fetch your blog millions of visits if the content spreads like wild-fire on it.

Sometimes, if your content goes viral across different social bookmarking sites, your site may even go down due to the spike in traffic! So, never forget to promote your blog contents on the above mentioned social bookmarking sites. They are sources of huge traffic boost.

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These 5 steps are really easy to do and you don’t even have to spend a single penny. In return you will get improved traffic on your blog. If you perform these 5 steps on a regular basis, consistently, the chances of traffic boost on your blog increases! Don’t overdo certain steps- like commenting. Try to be a problem solver instead of just commenting rubbish. At last, I would like to say that increase in traffic won’t take place within a day (it is possible if your content goes viral on Reddit or StumbleUpon). Normally, it takes some time for blog traffic to increase. Be patient, things will improve with time.


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