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Boost blog traffic using these blogging tips:


Boosting blog traffic is a challenge that many bloggers face. There are various blogs out there offering tips and tricks to boost blog traffic. Many of them involve black-hat techniques. Initially, black-hat SEO does the trick and boosts blog traffic. But in the long run, it is harmful. The blogging tips that I’m going to provide here will help you boost blog traffic.

boost blog traffic blogging tips

These blogging tips are in some way or the other related to Google. Google is the most used search engine. It is from Google that most of the blogs get organic traffic. It is this traffic that we need to boost. So, to boost the blog traffic, your blog must get into Google’s good book. This is what these blogging tips will help you do. These blogging tips will teach you some basics to get into Google’s good books.

This way, your blog gets featured regularly on search results and this will boost blog traffic. So, make sure that you take these blogging tips seriously and implement them without delay. These blogging tips will ensure that your blog is optimized and Google friendly.

When it comes to search engine industry, Google is the best and the most used. So, if your blog is not Google friendly, then you will have a tough time trying to boost blog traffic.

My blogging tips will not only help boost blog traffic, but also help your blog get approved for Google AdSense program. If your site is Google-friendly, then its chances of getting approved for Google AdSense also increases!

Make sure you implement these blogging tips to boost blog traffic!


#1 Remove lazy and slow plugins and widgets which makes your blog load slow

Google wants the web to be fast. The page load time of a site/blog has a lot to do with its position in search results of Google. To get a traffic boost, your blog must feature on the first page of the Google search result.

For this to happen, you must follow this blogging tip- remove the plugins and widgets which makes your page load slow. By removing them, you make your page load faster. This will improve your position in Google search results and boosts blog traffic in the long run.

This blogging tip not only boosts your blog traffic, it will also save the time of your blog’s visitors. Since your blog loads fast, they’d love your blog and come back for more. If you are using WordPress CMS to blog, I recommend you to install the p3 plugin profiler plugin. It scans your blog’s plugins and point out the ones which are making your blog slow.

One of the most important blogging tips is to make your blog load fast!


#2 Good SEO

SEO boost blog traffic


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about making your blog Google friendly. Good SEO means more are the chances of your blog making it to the top of the search results.

Basic SEO is not rocket science. Keep in mind some SEO lessons like the right use of page titles, good use of permalinks, right selection and use of keywords etc.

Good SEO helps boost blog traffic. But keep in mind that overdoing SEO will negatively impact blog traffic. Google’s search algorithm is smart enough to differentiate between good SEO and ‘bad use’ of SEO. It will demote your blog in search results.

When it comes to SEO, do basic things that I mentioned above. Never overdo SEO on your blog. The next tip is slightly related to SEO.

#3 Write for humans

Write for Tony, not Jarvis! Deviantart

Write for Tony, not Jarvis!

New bloggers, in a bid to boost blog traffic take SEO too seriously. They read various articles related to SEO on different blogs and overdo SEO. The best example of overdoing SEO is the overuse of Keywords.

To get into Google’s good book and to boost blog traffic, I advice bloggers to write for humans and not for search engines. Please follow this tip religiously.

I see many blogs each day that are nothing more than a collection of keywords. The title and the permalink are misleading, the article is nothing but keywords heaped together. This is like trying to manipulate the search engines and readers alike.

This trick may yield some results initially and boost blog traffic. But in the long run, your blog will get penalized for such malpractices and your blog traffic will suffer.

#4 Write meaningful and useful content


Writing useful content on your blog has two advantages- your existing readers will come back for more and Google will show your blog on top in its search results and thus boost blog traffic.

Google loves blogs with rich original content. Also, when it comes to AdSense, Google only approve your blog if it contains rich and meaningful content.

So a good combination of SEO and good content can work wonders for you blog! It will help boost blog traffic and also help your blog get approved for AdSense program. Whatever is your niche, your top priority should be posting quality useful content.

#5 Optimize Images

When it comes to blogging, bloggers love to use images on blog posts. Images are better than words because they grab eyeballs better and allows us to convey the message to visitors.

A good quality image also would have good resolution and quality. This results in it being ‘heavy’ and huge in size. Uploading and using such images will definitely make the page load slower. This will have an adverse effect on blog traffic considering the fact that Google gives importance to the page load time in its search results. Many times, large images won’t load at all, beating the whole purpose of using an image.

When using images, it is necessary to optimize them. Compress the images before uploading them. Use the alt tag on images. Alt tags will be helpful to those devices that doesn’t show images.

If your blog uses too much high resolution images, I recommend you to use a CDN service. Once you start using a CDN service, they will serve the images through their fast servers. It will reduce the load on your blog’s servers and reduces page load time and eventually boost blog traffic.

#6 Verify authorship of your blog posts using Google authorship

google authorship

You must be aware of Google authorship. If you don’t, then it is Google’s new endeavor to verify the authorship of the content. Many times you might have seen the name and picture of the author near the search results. This is Google authorship in action.

This article will teach you how you can verify authorship of your blog.

Verifying authorship has SEO benefits. Also, since the Google users see the picture of an individual beside the search result, the click through rate is also likely to increase. Thus verifying Google authorship boosts your blog traffic. Read this article to know more about the benefits of verifying Google authorship.

#7 Make the best use of Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster tools helps in making a blog Google friendly. This ultimately reflects in search results and boost blog traffic. Make it a point to use Google Webmaster tools regularly.

Regularly check if there are critical issues on your blog. Google Webmaster tool notifies critical issues like malware, dead links, duplicate tags etc on our blog. Use Webmaster tools to find problems and solve them.

Using Webmaster tools, submit the sitemap of your blog. This will help Google robots crawl your blog better and index more pages. This ultimately will boost blog traffic.

So, these are my 7 blogging tips which will make your blog more Google friendly. Being more optimized and Google friendly, your site is more likely to get featured in search results and thus will definitely boost blog traffic. Implement these blogging tips without any delay and reap the benefits!


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