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Blog to help


Blogging has always fascinated me. I have always wanted to share useful facts, opinions, articles etc through a blog. But due to certain circumstances, I was unable to start and maintain a blog. But situation has changed now. I have been maintaining this little blog for six month now. So, why do I blog? Well, basically I blog just to help. I think the ultimate aim/purpose of every blog out there must be to help readers.

Blog to help

Do you?

Many (sadly a major proportion of) bloggers out there are solely concentrating on converting their blog into a money making venture. Every day, I go through useless blogs maintained by fellow Indians. These sites are not designed for humans! Yes, the truth is that most of them are just a collection of keywords solely meant for the search engines to rank the site higher! SEO overdrive, I must say! So, what’s the use of such blogs?

Recently, I too made a mistake by asking a guy to maintain this blog in my absence. That guy posted lots of the above mentioned ‘SEO overdone’ articles on my blog! I’m not against making money by blogging. Actually if you are good at blogging, then you must take it up as a full time profession. Even this blog displays ads. I know ads are annoying to many, but I have to resort to the ad revenue for maintaining this site.

If you blog, then, according to me, the ultimate aim of your blog should be to help out others. Earlier, blogs were very limited in number. Content Management Services like WordPress and Blogger ensures that even a layman can start and maintain a decent blog. There are so many free themes and plugins available that one can operate a blog without much expense. But if you are really serious about blogging, I recommend that you buy premium themes and some premium plugins. Consider it as an initial investment. So, basically, anyone who knows how to use a computer and surf internet can start up a blog.

So, as I said earlier, blogs should be made in such a way that it should be helpful. So, if you are an aspiring blogger, then please keep this in mind- keep your reader happy, deliver helpful and quality content, traffic and revenue will follow automatically!

A helpful blog can be of many types. I will describe some categories of helpful blogs.

#1 Blogs that helps solve problems (‘How to’ blogs)

how to ?


What do you do if you have a query or problem? You ask someone for the solution. Nowadays, a good proportion of us resort to Google for such solutions. Google in turn fetches solutions from websites and blogs. How to blogs are blogs that provide solution to wide variety of problems.

The query can range from fixing a computer to preparing palak paneer. A good ‘How to’ blog solves the doubt of the reader.

#2 Blogs teaching how to blog

bog tips and tricks

Learn the art of blogging


Blogging is an art. The more you know, the better you can blog. There are so many blogs out there which are dedicated to White hat SEO, Blogging tips, tricks, tutorials etc. A good number of such blogs are useless, because they contain content copied from other ‘good’ blogs.

Now, let me talk about the good blogs teaching the art of blogging. I recommend new bloggers to visit such sites regularly. Blogs like and are excellent blogs to learn from! Not only will it increase your knowledge of blogging, but you will also meet fellow bloggers out there.

#3 Blogs sharing useful facts

useful facts


Useful facts can be related to studies, hobby etc. It should be of help to the readers. For example, here are some posts on my blog- Top 11 courses to do after 12th science, 5 Tips to pass GTU exams easily etc. These post are read daily by students. These posts are very useful too.

So, the posts should be helpful to sections of your audience.

#4 Entertainment Blogs

Hollywood sign

Entertain them!


Entertainment is like elixir for working people! Many of you may not understand it. But I’m a working guy and I understand the importance of entertainment. Hordes of working professionals , during break time, barge into entertainment blogs for relaxing and recharging themselves.

Entertainment blogs can be related to funny pictures’ blogs, humor and comedy blogs, sports blog etc. Ultimately, such blogs are helpful to many people, helping them bust tension!


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