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BJP stands for Bharatiya Janata Party. BJP is a Political Party existing in India. Currently, BJP is the ruling party in India. They have started a missed call membership program to increase their strength. Of course the idea seems brilliant. With more and more people using mobile phones, it is a good idea to rope in new members using just missed call! As per this plan, BJP is providing membership to Indian citizens who care to give missed call to a dedicated number. At Apnaahangout, we try to publish useful information. Considering this also as useful information, we have decided to publish more details about this missed call membership number provided by BJP.

The number on which one has to make missed call is- 18002662020. On dialing this number, the call will be disconnected automatically. The authorities from BJP will get back to you soon. This number is valid in case of each and every state in India. People from UTs (Union Territories) may also make use of this number.

making phone call

Earlier, to become a BJP member, one had to visit their regional office and go through the regular process that involved filling forms and all! But thanks to this missed call membership drive, one may become a BJP member just by dialing the above mentioned number!


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