Betting to be legalized in sports in India


Betting to be legalized in sports in India


The Government of India has decided to lift the ban on betting in India. The IPL 2013 is being rocked by spot fixing scandal involving three Rajasthan Royal players. It is being said that the previous seasons of IPL also had been ‘fixed’ !The police have hinted at the arrests of more cricketers. Over a dozen bookies, three cricketers and Vindoo Dara Singh, winner of a useless reality show, have been arrested so far.

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In India, the betting ‘industry’ is being run by underworld mafia and it is being said that the entire ‘industry’ is handled by Dawood Ibrahim from Dubai. Apparently, Dawood is too scared to come to India. The police did brilliantly well to nab the bookies and players red-handed. But the cricketers caught were ‘stupid’. They used their own phones and services like WhatsApp and BBM to contact bookies.

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Basically, this whole ‘betting-industry’ churns our profits in crores! And all the money is unaccounted. So the Government feels that they are missing out a good source of revenue. Perhaps, they are eyeing at another source of revenue, where they can ‘organize’ a ‘scandal’.


The ‘equipment’ used to give signal to bookies- Wikimedia Commons

The police officials have stumbled upon the betting’s ‘bolly-wood’ connection after they nabbed Vindoo Dara Singh. It is being reported that famous stars are betting addicts. Besides bolly-wood stars, one senior official of IPL outfit Chennai Super Kings is also under police’s radar.

Police did a good job! Wikimedia Commons

Police did a good job!
Wikimedia Commons

With the ‘web’ of betting bigger and bigger, it is involving the names of powerful people including bolly-wood stars, politicians and IPL franchisee officials themselves. It is being reported that some BCCI officials are also involved in betting during IPL and other cricket matches.

So, with so many ‘powerful’ people’s names being involved, the Government has come under pressure from ‘unknown’ forces to bundle up this matter and bury it deep. The source of the force has not been found yet. It seems the police are incapable of finding it, or the government doesn’t want them to find it!

All this pressure has led to the legalization of betting during IPL and cricket matches in India. The Government is happy that it will add another source of revenue. But opposition party is sceptic about it. They fear that if betting is legalized and adds to the revenue, it is possible that another ‘scandal’ (robbery in plain terms) involving this new source of income will take place. Looking at the current scenario, it seems inevitable!


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