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We all love YouTube. It is home to millions of videos. A large portion of the videos are funny and humorous ones. It is such videos on YouTube that people love to watch. Indians also have uploaded a number of funny videos on YouTube. Here, we will share with you some cool and funny video clips on YouTube. All these videos are desi. Yes, these Indian videos will make you laugh out loud! Enjoy them.

1 Funny YouTube video of Indian Justin Bieber

This old Indian man thinks he can sing! He is a big fan of Justin Bieber. He is not very fluent in English. But this hasn’t stopped this man from Gujarat from singing Justin Bieber’s hit song- Baby.


Our old man thought it would be a great idea to try a new tune. So, he has changed the tune, but the lyrics remained the same. Watch the whole video you’ll love him more than Justin Bieber! He was more than ready to record this video clip and upload it on YouTube. Apparently, he thinks he has what it takes to become a viral phenomena on the Internet!

2 Video of Indian Guy eating bed bug!

This guy stays in a shitty lodge. We don’t know why he stays at such a place. Maybe he is short of money! We don’t care about the reason. Apparently, this lodge is also home to shit-loads of bed bugs. If you don’t know what bed bugs are, they are little insects. These little bastards make life difficult for humans.


The guy who appears on this funny video is fed up of bed bugs. The lodge authorities don’t seem to care about the bug menace. So, he decided to take matters into his hands. He found a kick-ass way to eliminate bed bugs- eat them! Yes, this guy, apparently fed up of the little insects starts eating them! We don’t know whether he managed to kill and eat all the bed bugs.

3 Hot, Naughty (but insanely funny) Indian video

Watch the whole video. The funny part is in the end. At first, it seems like this video has been taken from an adult video clip. But when you stream to the end, you will realize how you have been tricked into believing that it is an adult video.


We are sure that this video will break many hearts (when it reaches the end). Because, in the end, the truth will be revealed. And many adult video lovers won’t love the end! But we are sure that lovers of funny videos will surely love it!

4 Funny drunk monk swearing and cursing

India is a holy land. Here, many holy sages and monks had lived. But now, conditions have changed. The new age monks (a good portion of them) are fraudsters. They, unlike their predecessors, doesn’t believe in leading a simple life. Modern day monks and babas live in posh villas. They zoom around in shining SUVs and eats exotic cuisine and drinks vintage wine! Many of them also enjoy the company of women (there is such a scandal going on right now!).


This video is also about a modern day baba. He loves eating non vegetarian food and loves drinking liquor (desi and videsi!). He make a living by collecting alms from people. He manages to make as much as 1000 Rupees a day! Even many qualified engineers and graduates don’t make this amount daily in India! After drinking, he has a habit of boasting about his ‘qualities’ and ‘skills’. This funny video is all about him swearing in Hindi and Gujarati. You may also hear his ‘philosophical preaching’ in this video.


Hope you enjoyed our collection of videos. All these videos have been taken from Apnaahangout’s YouTube channel. If you enjoyed these funny stuffs, make sure that you share it among your friends. Also subscribe our YouTube channel for more!


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