Best Android Apps You must have


Best Android Apps You must have


Android phones are ruling the mobile phone market at the moment. With so many useful apps and customizations, android has got a good appeal. Few years before, the mobile phone market of India was ruled by Nokia, which used Symbian operating system. And now, Nokia is no longer the leaders, they have been overtaken by Samsung, thanks to Samsung’s impressive array of Android phones.

What is so exciting about android phones is that it is highly customizable. It also has a lively and innovative developer community, which develops stunning and useful apps. If you know programming language of Java, you too can create apps! Loads of apps, free and paid, are available at the Google Play Store. There are various categories of apps like apps for entertainment, travel, sports etc.

Here, I’ll describe some best apps which you must have in your android phone. These are my personal favorites.

1 WhatsApp

When it comes to messaging and chatting, I rely on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is easy to use and intuitive. It is available for free at play store. It is free to use for a year. After a year, you have to purchase it for a small price- 55 rupees a year. WhatsApp is quick. You can send text, images and videos to other WhatsApp users in your list. If you use data-packs regularly on your android phone, WhatsApp is a must have app!

2 Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer

This is a game. Well, games are also necessary, right? This game has been downloaded by millions. The game has good graphics, doesn’t lag and doesn’t crash. And yes, it is free! It is a very addictive game. There are other awesome games available at play store, but this is my personal favorite. Games like Temple Run, Cut the Rope are also cool and worth trying.

3 Google Maps

This app falls under the category of travel. A very useful app made by Google. You can turn it on to know your current position, nearby areas, shops, hotels and other useful places. A very good app for travel and navigation. Also try the Google street view. This too is a free app.

4 UC Browser

UC Browser logo

For browsing the internet, I suggest UC Browser to others. It is light, has an intuitive user interface and saves lots of data by compressing it. It has many facilities like night mode for easy reading. It is also very fast and all this costs nothing! This app is free!

5 Wikipedia App

Now you don’t need to go to your browser to access Wikipedia. The official Wikipedia app is available for free at the play store. The app offers some cool facilities. One of my favorite is the ‘save’ option, using which you can save a Wikipedia page and read it later even offline! A must have app for Wikipedia users.

6 Du Battery Saverbattery

This free app helps you know the battery of your android phone better. It shows the charge left in the battery, the standby time, internet surfing time left etc. This app also has an app killer which terminates apps that runs in the background. It also has an option for ‘Healthy Recharge’ which helps the battery life.

7 News HuntNews Hunt logo

News Hunt is a free app that delivers to you latest news and events from different newspapers of different languages. A must have app if you want to keep yourself updated with the latest news.

8 Google Currents

Again, a news app. This app is made by Google. It has a save button to save your favorite news. You can read it later even if you are offline! This is a free app.

9 Google Translate

This app by Google helps us translate from one language to another. The app is free, is easy to use and is fast.


Well, the above apps are my personal favorites. I have them all installed in my android phone. I know that there are many other apps that are just as cool and useful as the above mentioned ones. Please mention your favorites too.


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