10 Tips to Become a Better Blogger and Boost Blog traffic


10 Tips to Become a Better Blogger and Boost Blog traffic


There are millions of blogs on internet right now. Many of them are maintained by part-time bloggers and some of them are maintained by professional bloggers. Professional bloggers are a class apart from part-time bloggers. Professional bloggers’ blogs get millions of page views, has a loyal fan base and generates good income. There are part-time bloggers who have blogs with good traffic and online revenue. But, many/majority of the part-time bloggers are struggling to get traffic, readers and ad revenue. So, what is the difference between these two categories of bloggers? I will describe it in this article and give tips to struggling bloggers. This article will help you become a better blogger.


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I think that this frustration and lack of inspiration can be overcome with the tips provided in this article. I’ve consulted some successful part-time and professional bloggers from India before getting this article published. Most tips have been provided by them.

So, let’s get straight to the tips to become a better blogger:

#1 You must have Passion for what you do

do you love blogging?

Do you?


Lack of inspiration results when you are not passionate about what you do. The same theory applies for blogging. If you are not passionate about blogging, then don’t expect to succeed. It is as simple as that. It is your passion that decides your level of dedication. Dedication along with hard-work results in success. Look at those successful professional bloggers; they are passionate about what they do! And it reflects in their work.

So, whatever is your niche, whatever it is you are blogging about, you must have passion for it. Otherwise, don’t expect to grow beyond a limit and succeed at a grand scale.

#2 Improve Writing Skills


Many times, despite being passionate for what they do, many bloggers don’t get the expected growth and results. Poor writing skill is what plays spoilsport here. Poor writing skills drive readers away and results in poor traffic. It adversely affects the content quality on your blog. No matter how good/helpful your article is, no one will take you seriously if you have poor writing skills/poor grammar/poor English.

I suggest bloggers with poor writing skills to take language and writing classes. This will not only boost your knowledge and confidence, but will also be a boost your blogging prowess and make you a better blogger!

#3 Must have good knowledge about your niche/field of blogging


Suppose you start a blog about sports. You are not really interested in sports. So, how do you expect to run that blog? To be frank, your blog will fail miserably. You can’t deliver useful and meaningful content unless you have the sufficient knowledge about that particular subject.

So, before you start blogging about any niche/field, it is better to make sure that you have good knowledge and information regarding that niche/field. Your blog will grow only if it gets readers and readers will get attracted only when the content is good. The content will be good and worth reading only when you have good knowledge about your niche.

#4 Persistence is the key


Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, no big blog was built in a day. Ask those successful bloggers out there about the time taken by them to get a huge reader base. It took them months and years of hard-work to reach where they are now.

The problem with many newbie bloggers is that they lack persistence. They seek immediate success or signs of success. And when they see neither of them, they get disheartened and show less interest towards blogging.

If you face such a situation, please remember my words- ‘stay persistent’. Success will soon follow if you follow all the tips given here.

#5 Improve Technical Know-How related to Blogging


This is very important if you want to become a better blogger. A good blog must have good themes, good layout, good plugins etc. It must have a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score and must load fast. In order to make this all happen, you must either learn these technical aspects or consult a specialist.

I think every blogger must learn these technical aspects related to blogging. It will not only save money, but also help customize and optimize your blog according to your tastes. There are so many tutorials and support forums for bloggers. They cover topics like SEO, CSS, managing plugins etc. Spend some time there and improve your technical know-how.

#6 Promote your blog


Nowadays, promoting your blog posts is as important as publishing them. Promoting your blog and blog posts has its own advantages. The best place to promote blog and blog posts are the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. The advantage is that if your blog post is really interesting and useful, people will share and like it. This will trigger a chain reaction and increase your blog’s ‘reach’.

There are some other places to promote your blog and blog posts. Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc. These sites can help you get huge traffic if your posts are ‘catchy’ enough. Your blog may even crash if the post goes viral across different bookmarking sites!

#7 Write for readers, not search engines


Google logo

Don’t write for Google!

When you write blog posts, write for the readers. Many bloggers write their post keeping the search engines in their mind. They write for the sake of SEO rather than readers. This results in poor articles that are nothing more than a collection of ‘keywords’ placed strategically throughout the article.

Avoid this practice. Don’t overdo SEO. Write for the readers and you’ll see the benefits soon.

#8 Mingle and discuss with Readers

people discussing

Constructive discussion is always good!


There is nothing wrong in discussing things with your readers. A blogger should actively take part in the discussions going on in the comment section. A blogger should try to solve the queries and problems posted by his/her readers.

Encourage readers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. If you see suggestions and feedback regarding your blog, go through them. Ask readers in which areas you need to improve. Such small things will help you blog get better.

#9 Learn from Successful Bloggers

learn and grow

Learning has no substitutes


There is no shame in learning from others. Successful bloggers have many qualities and positive traits in them. It would be great if you try to inculcate such qualities in your life. Successful bloggers are store-house of blogging experience and knowledge. Many of them share blogging tips on their blogs.

Make it a point to visit such blogs frequently and learn from successful bloggers. ProBlogger is one such great blog. Please visit it.

#10 Have Patience

have patience


Patience is a virtue we all must have. Majority of the bloggers want instant success. But, to be honest, a successful blogger is not made in a day. It takes months and years of hard-work, dedication and persistence. Bloggers quit blogging only due to lack of passion and patience.

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If you don’t find success and signs of it, try harder and have patience. With persistence, your blog will get better and success will follow soon.


Most of the struggling bloggers face this problem- lack of inspiration. They start blogging with the intention of turning pro. They dream of getting huge traffic and ad revenues. But, when things don’t turn out the way they imagined it to happen, they lose faith. Soon, they get frustrated and may even quit blogging altogether! Dear bloggers, follow the above mentioned tips you’ll soon get better with time. Please give your valuable feedback in comments section.


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