Badly Injured Tortoise saved by Young Man from Gujarat


Man from Godhra saves injured tortoise

Today, I happened to visit a veterinary clinic to treat my dog. At the clinic, I saw a young man named Chintan Damor from Godhra, Panchmahal (Gujarat), who rescued an injured tortoise. He was visiting the clinic to treat the tortoise’s wounds.

injured tortoise

The event took place 15 days ago. Chintan was travelling from Balasinor to Godhra. He was travelling on his car on the National Highway 59. The time was late evening. While travelling, he spotted a tortoise, which was injured and in bad condition. He noticed the tortoise but decided to move on.

tortoise shell injured

Finally he decided to take a closer look of the injured creature. So he went back to the spot and examined the tortoise’s condition. The tortoise’s shell was damaged and one of its legs was hurt badly. But it was still alive. He decided to take the tortoise to the nearest veterinary clinic in Godhra.

tortoise head

He took the injured creature to the Government veterinary clinic in Godhra and initiated the creature’s treatment. According to the Doctor Gosai, the tortoise is 25 years old.

tortoise treated

After 15 days of treatment and continuous visits of the clinic, the tortoise is on road to recovery. It’s damaged shell is recovering slowly. Chinthan has decided to keep the tortoise at his place and feeds it well. According to Chintan, the tortoise loves eating apples!

After coming across this event, I have realized that kind-hearted humans still exist in the world! I think we all should have this kind of compassion and attitude towards animals. Most of us turn our face away on seeing animals in distress. We should at least call the wildlife protection authorities and notify them about the animal. The Government should also create more awareness among the people. The helpline numbers for reporting such incidents should be put up at public places.

Finally, we should stop destroying the habitat of animals.


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