Bizarre ‘Throwing Babies Down From Rooftop’ ritual in India


India is an amazing country. You know, it is a melting pot of different cultures. As a result of it, there are some bizarre rituals and practices being followed in India. Some of them are funny, while some are freaking dangerous. Here, we’ll take a look at the bizarre and equally dangerous ‘baby tossing’ activity, which is conducted in some villages of India.

baby tossing

They say tossing brings ‘good luck and health’!


What exactly is the baby tossing ritual?

Well, it is simple. The ritual consists of tossing a baby from a certain height. Usually, the tossing is performed from the roof of a religious place like temple (30 ft or more height). The tossing is usually performed by a preist. The age of the baby varies from 1-3 years.


While tossing, number of people, especially relatives of the baby would gather under on the ground, stretching a piece of clothe to make the ‘landing’ safe for the baby. This is how the ritual takes place.


Where exactly does this ritual takes place

According to various reports, the ritual takes place in rural regions of Maharashtra and Karnataka states in India. Villages like Solapur, Harangal, Parbhani etc are notorious for still continuing this ritual, despite the Government putting a ban on it.


Why do they perform this ritual?

While it is not compulsory to toss ones baby, people still do it for a reason. According to the villagers, this ritual will bring in good luck and good health for the baby. They say that this ritual has been practiced by them for more than 500 years!


Accidents reported during the ritual

So far, no deaths have been reported. Still, the Government has banned this act. But, villagers still do manage to perform it every now and then!


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