Arvind Kejriwal’s secrets and unknown facts revealed


Election fever is on the rise these days. This fact is evident from the way political parties have stepped up their campaigns. Each time I tune into my favorite radio station, I’m greeted by kickass election campaign stuff! This has led to me stop listening to radio! When I drive from home to work and back each day, I get to see tons of banners related to politicians! Here, I’m going to, like many Indian politicians and normal folks, uncover and reveal some secret and unknown facts related to Arvind Kejriwal, the main man behind AAP (Aam Aadmi Party).

Arvind Kejriwal

Exposed (by folks who apparently are better than Hercule Poirot)!

Chill, folks! This is not the stuff that you think will share some ‘serious’ secrets. In fact, this is more of a humor article. Each day, when I log into social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, I get to read tons of such ‘facts’. Facts shared by random folks on Facebook and Twitter. I wonder how these folks get time to investigate Mr Arvind Kejriwal and expose him! I wonder how they spied him and his party, online and offline, to reveal these startling facts! So, as a tribute to those ‘detective folks’ at Facebook and Twitter, who are experts in uncovering secrets and saving the nation, I’ve decided to write a blog post showcasing their shocking findings.


I agree that some of these facts have been propagated by some well known politicians. I’m including some of those facts too. In the end, I’ve come up with my own creation (insanely hilarious and illogical of course!). So, don’t get pissed off at me!


Secrets of Arvind Kejriwal (as seen on social media sites, revealed by random folks)


#1 Kejriwal is a Pakistani agent

It was a politician who claimed first that Kejriwal is a Pakistani agent. A la James Bond! After the claim was made, many people on Facebook (apparently possessing good investigating powers), researched on this fact and confirmed it to be true! They even took time to Tweet it and make Facebook updates on this claim.


I guess that the folks used their private satellites and hacking software to get this task done. From the way they claim this fact to be true, I guess that they have serious photo evidence like Arvind Kejriwal hanging out in Pakistan, Arvind’s E Mail conversations with Pakistani dudes and more.


#2 Kejriwal is Congress’ Plan B

Again, I get to see many people on Facebook claiming this fact to be true. Upon asking them whether they have some solid proof, they don’t give any satisfactory explanation.


I demanded a man to give me solid proof. I asked him to provide some pics of Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi hanging out or Kejriwal making secret visits to Congress’ meetings. So far, that kind of solid proof hasn’t come my way. But looking at the confidence of the folks who make this claim, I guess that they have some serious proof up their sleeve! I guess at the right time, they will bring it out.


#3 Kejriwal is handled by Governments of influential countries

You see, Narendra Modi, if many folks’ status updates on Facebook are to believed, is a man who can bring in ‘development’. No doubt about that. I’m from Gujarat and I must admit that over the past 10 years, there has been decent development in the state.


But, according to his fanatics, Modi coming to power will result in Powerful and developed countries like USA, UK etc to lose their ‘Power’ and ‘Growth rate’! So, in a bid to stop him, they’ve been funding Arvind Kejriwal!


Again, I asked folks promoting this claim to give me solid evidence- pics of Obama and Kejriwal hanging out, details of monetary transactions etc. But they won’t give me any proof! I even asked them how they managed to investigate and find out such secret facts. But they won’t answer that question too! Still, they staunchly back this claim!


My crazy insane theory

Inspired by the bat shit insane claims that people have been making on social media accounts, I’ve decided to come up with one of my own. Like those folks, I don’t have photographs or documents to back this claim. But still, I back it!


My claim is that Arvind Kejriwal is an alien. His friends back there from another galaxy have sent him to our planet Earth, on a mission.


In movies, aliens almost always invade USA first (and get defeated often). So, this time, they’ve decided to infiltrate India (an unsuspicious target) first and capture the entire world from there.


The first step is to rule India. After accomplishing that, the rule will slowly spread out and will cover the whole World! And Arvind Kejriwal (taking the form of a human), has already started working towards achieving that goal! This, gentlemen, is my straightforward theory.


Well, folks, that was a humor post. I repeat, it was a humor post. I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings (if they have any!). I was just a bit pissed off at the way some guys were insulting Mr Arvind Kejriwal on Facebook. They were behaving as if they were the head of a ‘Secret Service Organization’ and unearthed these facts using their large army of undercover agents! This article was inspired after I saw their claims! Hope you enjoyed reading it. And yeah, I know that the claim I made is bat shit insane. But I guess it made you laugh! Do share it if you loved reading it!


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