Will Arvind Kejriwal Do Well as Prime Minister of India?


Arvind Kejriwal, with his heroics in elections proved one thing- don’t underestimate the power of common man! He went on to become Delhi’s Chief Minister! Despite becoming the CM, he is still down to earth and humble! It is a quality worth taking note of, in him! The next big question is- will he go on to become Prime Minister (PM) of India? Let’s discuss this topic.


Arvind Kejriwal

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Arvind is an efficient and capable man. Just take a look at his educational qualifications and the competitive exams he has made his way through. Looking at those feats, there is no reason to doubt the analytical and logical skills of his mind. Both these skills come handy in ‘managing’ and leading a country forward. And in Arvind, we have a man who has sound analytical skills.


His determination and self confidence are also worthy of appreciation. Otherwise how could an Aam Aadmi contest an election with heavyweights like BJP and Congress and come into power? Okay, his decision to take support of Congress is questionable. And Congress can’t be trusted at all. But still, he will pursue with his goals and won’t compromise on ethics.


Just look at the way he and his party captured the imagination and loyalty of the masses. Especially youngsters constitute a large part of his ‘fan base’. I regularly see on Facebook those young folks who expect Arvind Kejriwal to make the nation free from corruption.


And they are right to expect so. Arvind is a honest man. This fact has been evident from his crusades. So, looking at all these points, is it safe to say that he is a good candidate to be chosen as the Prime Minister of India?


Well, if you ask me, to be a good politician, lot more than a good analytical mind is required. An important quality is ‘maturity’. You see, I do not doubt Arvind Kejriwal’s ability or his skill-set. He has a brilliant personality and sound work ethics. But he has just entered the ‘big bad’ world of politics. He still has to mature and learn things related to it. Don’t you think so?


Yes, the position he is holding now, the position of CM of Delhi, can be used by him to gather experience. He is a wise man and wouldn’t hesitate in learning from experiences.


But, without getting that much needed ‘experience’ and attaining that ‘maturity’, I don’t think that he’d be a good PM. To lead forward a country, thinking of ‘long term’ goals, sustainability, credibility of nation etc is important. And I think, at the moment, we have another candidate who scores better than Arvind Kejriwal in these aspects- Narendra Modi!


The Gujarat CM is a tough man. If he were to be made the PM of India, he’d cope well with pressure from our ‘noisy neighbors’ China and Pakistan. At the same time, he’d also manage to up India’s economic growth and ‘progress’, just like the way he did in Gujarat.


Arvind, I don’t think will be able to cope with all the things that I mentioned above. You see I’m from Gujarat. I’ve been seeing the progress that this state has been enjoying till now. And it’s not just me, who is boasting about the progress that Gujarat has made under Modi. Ask any elderly man from Gujarat about the poor state of Gujarat under other administrators. They have lots to stay about the mismanagement of resources by corrupt politicians.


But things changed for good since Modi became CM of the state. And I want the same progress to be made at all India level.


No doubt that both Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi will lead the nation through the path of progress. But, I guess it is Modi, who’ll do a better job than Arvind. Let me hear your opinions in the comment section.


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