April fool prank: Narendra Modi photoshop

April fool prank: Gujarati newspaper photoshops Narendra Modi’s photo

Gujarati newspaper Sandesh fooled its readers with this cracker of a prank! The crazy folks at Sandesh photoshopped a photo of Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh hugging (shown on right side) and replaced Rajnath’s head with Rahul Gandhi’s head!Theyput this ‘news’ on the last page and the caption ran- ‘BJP and Congress to join hands for 2014 elections’. They informed people about the prank by announcing that they trolled their readers and that the news was made-up (prank), in today’s edition.

Who said journalists are boring? They are crazy folks!

Original on left, photoshopped on right!

Original on left, photoshopped on right!

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