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Chelsea FC ripped Arsenal apart at Stamford Bridge. The score was 6-0 in Chelsea’s favor! Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game in charge was not a pleasant affair for him. The match it seems was straight out of Wenger’s scariest nightmares. Talking about the game, a bizarre incident occurred. It was the referee- Andre Marriner who was the man behind this bizarre event. And since then, his memes have been rolling out on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


But what actually happened, you might ask. Well, in case you missed the match, let me explain what happened on the ground to you. Eden Hazard, Chelsea’s version of Ronaldo, launched a shot towards Arsenal goal. Arsenal goalie Wojciech Szczesny was in an awkward position and it was Alex Oxlade Chamberlain who stopped the shot crossing the goal line, using his hand in the process!


Apparently, referee Andre Marriner missed all this action. Seems like he was interested in something else! He was informed by linesman about this handball. And it was certain that the punishment would be nothing less than a red card.


Andre Marriner memes

Marriner, digging his hand into his pocket, took out the red card. He brandished the red card to Kieran Gibbs, the Arsenal defender, instead of showing it to Chamberlain! And Oxlade Chamberlain tried to convince Marriner that it was he who committed the foul. But Andre Marriner just wouldn’t listen to him and others on the ground!


Andre Marriner jokes troll football



The match went on and in the end, Chelsea scored half a dozen goals and ruined Wenger’s little party. And since then, memes making fun of Andre Marriner have been flowing non-stop on social networking sites!


Let me go through a joke based on this very event-


Referee: “Gibbs, you are off”. Oxlade Chamberlain: “But ref, that was me!”. Referee: “Be quiet Walcott, or you’ll be off as well”.


Kieran Gibbs funny red card


Apart from that, many photoshopped pics like above have also been circulating! Seems like Andre Marriner memes will stay for some time.


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