Amrish Rathod: Fraudster cheats people promising job in Airtel


This blog post has been written following number of complaints about a person that we received. Graduates in southern Gujarat provided proof regarding how this person defrauded them, after promising jobs in Bharti Airtel in return for money (5000-10,000 Rupees). I don’t know how people fall prey to such impostors! So, I decided to write a blog post so that this fraud activity gets exposed and that this person won’t be able to fool job seekers anymore! We’ve alo written similar blog posts- Fake Hyundai Call letter and Fake TATA Call letter.


The name of the impostor is- Amrish Rathod. He claims to work for Bharti Airtel company (which is false). He usually befriends graduates/youngsters, who are jobless. He then promises them job in Airtel, in return for money.


He claims that he works as a site manager for the company and that he has strong influence in the Gujarat Office of the company. He even claims that the candidates won’t have to appear for tests and interviews before getting appointed in the company.


Here is the picture of Amrish Rathod– the fraud that we have been talking about.

Amrish Rathod Airtel

Amrish Rathod. He is a fraud!


Amrish Rathod Airtel fake

He is fake. Report him to the Police!

If this person ever approaches you, offering good job, in exchange for money, please don’t believe it! Once the money is given, you’ll no more hear from him again!


And kindly do spread this news. So far, he has been known to be duping people in name of Airtel firm only. But it is very much possible that he may make use of the names of other firms too, in a bid to make money through his fraud activities!


Please stay away from this fraud and report him to Police if he ever approaches you.


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