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Alok Nath memes have slowly started to drain up. The actor was trending couple of days across major social networking sites. We’ve seen hordes of funny memes related to him. The themes were- kanyadaan, sanskaar, babuji etc. And what’s even better is that even Alok Nath is enjoying it! Yes, he confessed this fact in some interviews he gave to some NEWS channels!


Here are couple of funny Alok Nath memes from our stable-


alok nath jokes

You know, Babuji is angry at all these memes and jokes you’ve been spreading through social media sites. He is so angry that he feels like ripping your head apart and insult you! But he won’t do it. Why would he not do it? Well, his Sanskar won’t let him behave that way!


Alok Nath meme


We all know he is a rich man. And he can afford a brand new SUV. So, we suggested him few comfortable SUVs. But Alok Nath didn’t like my suggestion. He said he didn’t liked SUVs at all. He confessed his love for a freaking awesome car! Which car, I asked him. And he replied- Sans’car’!


All those jokes and memes being circulated on facebook and Twitter have gone stale! We know that you need fresh jokes and memes. Further, our ‘Indian Memes’ section was lying idle for some time now. That’s why we decided to create some new jokes and update our meme section. We also know that just two new Alok Nath memes won’t satisfy your hunger! But hey, that’s all we’ve got right now. And the whole Alok Nath and his sanskar affair is coming to an end!


I think we must now leave the old man alone and let him peacefully tend to his to-do list. We are sure that his to-do list is full of pending aartis, kanyaadans and temple visits. Okay, now no more jokes on him, we promise.


But how the hell did this whole ‘trending’ affair got started. There are many reports about this on different news websites. But one thing is for sure, social media now is catapulting even sansari folks like Alok Nath to the ‘trending’ bandwagon! I won’t be surprised if a random pic of yours go viral and trending on some social media site!


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