Top 4 Alok Nath Football Memes


Alok Nath memes and jokes, it seems, have started to drain up! When he was trending across various social media sites, funny memes were flowing in abundance! Loads of jokes about Babuji doing Kanyadaan, being sanskari, being temple and aarti loving man etc were being circulated! Now, with the topic dying out, quality memes have ceased to be published by people. The existing ones are repeated ones. Here we are at it again! We’ve come up with some awesome Football memes about Alok Nath.


We are not talking about American Football here. We are talking about the ‘real Football’. Americans prefer to call it soccer (we are not sure why!). Actually, their version of football should be called ‘hand foot wrestle ball’!


Okay, let’s take a look at the football memes we have assembled for you.


Funny Alok Nath Football memes-

Alok Nath played for a Premier League club. His playing position? Center Back! You see, the Premier League is known for its physical nature of play. Lots of tackling, physicality, fouls etc, particularly if you are a defender!


Alok Nath center back funny

Massive Respect! No, massive Sanskar!


Surprisingly, Alok Ji, in his long career hasn’t ever been booked or sent off! Guess why? He is a sanskari CB! He just can’t imagine fouling others!


Alok Nath chairman of FA meme

Chairman of FA!


Alok Nath makes his way to the FA administration. After he seats himself on an authoritative post, he convinces others to start a new series of awards- sanskari player of the month, sanskari manager of the month and so on!


Alok Nath coaches Real Madrid defenders

Coaching Real Madrid defenders


Recently, Sergio Ramos and Pepe of Real Madrid have been accumulating red cards and yellow cards in abundance. In a bid to inculcate some gentleness in these players, Real Madrid have decided to hire Alok Nath!


celebrating victory

Let Ganga Jal flow!


When the football club managed by Alok Nath wins Silverware, he ensures that they celebrate the victory by spraying ‘Gangaa jal’, not champagne!


That’s all guys! End of our football meme collection. We’ve just included our own creation only, the latest and freshest ones. Hope you liked our little collection of football memes related to Alok Nath. Share it with your friends!


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