All you need to know about Google Glass


All you need to know about Google Glass


Google glass seems to be the talk in the town right now. This product is expected to hit the market by 2014. Google has already selected 8,000 people to test this product. They earlier conducted a contest to select these 8,000 people. So what is this device all about? What change will it bring in our lives? Read on to know more.

Google glass is like a wearable computer.It takes the place of an eye-gear, but performs the task of a smartphone and computer. It contains a prism like structure,placed above the right eye of the wearer, which serves as a display screen. It will be more like a Heads Up Display system. So you have to just lift your eye to watch the display screen. It also has a camera, GPS system installed in it. You can give voice commands to operate the gadget, like say “take a photo” to snap a picture.

The Google glass can be used for a variety of purposes. It can change the way we travel, take photo and share them. The list of the amazing uses of the Google glass can be found here. People who already wear glasses don’t have to worry, Google is going to release a version of Google glass which you will be able to mount on your present eye-wear. Check this YouTube video to know more about it.


This product will also enable Google to deliver relevant ads to its users on the move. The device will be made available in 5 colors- White, Black, Grey, Orange and Blue. It will be priced between $700-1,500. The developer version was made available for $1500.

It looks like Google has come up with a brilliant idea and device. Let’s wait and watch what competitors like Apple and Microsoft comes up with!

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