Ali Dia: how he conned his way to Southampton team

Have you heard of Ali Dia? His name regularly features in the list of worst players. Apart from the above exploit, he is well known for the way he made his way to Premier League club Southampton. Before, let us know more about him.

He was born on August 20, 1965 in Senegal. He was a striker and plied his trade at various second tier clubs of England, Germany and France before he arrived upon this bad-ass plan. His plan was to get into Premier League side Southampton. This is how he conned his way to the team:

One fine day, Southampton manager Graeme Souness got a phone call from none other than George Weah. Yes, Weah- a former FIFA World player of the year! Weah ‘introduced’ his ‘cousin’ Ali Dia to Souness over phone, convincing him to sign the ‘talented’ Dia at once! Well, the advice was coming from Weah.. So without giving it a second thought, Souness signed Ali Dia. I suppose that Souness was drunk while the phone call was made.

Actually ’Weah’, who made the call was Ali Dia’s friend and all the claims he made on Dia was fake. But no one except Dia and his friend had any knowledge about it. Lo and behold, Dia gets into the Southampton first team, signing a one month contract.

Enter the D-day, he made his debut against Leeds United on November 1996. He came on as a substitute for the illustrious Le Tissier. What happened later was a scene straight out of some cartoons. Our hero Dia was wildly chasing the ball up and down the field like a mad man! The manager, apparently pissed out after Dia’s performance, substituted him! A substitute substituted! The manager didn’t even wait for his contract to expire. He was released after just two weeks. Not a surprise, right? Any sensible manager on this planet would do the same.

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