AdSense, its alternatives and Advertising guide for bloggers


AdSense, its alternatives and Advertising guide for bloggers


Let me ask you a question. Why do you blog? The answer varies from person to person. The most common answer would be- to earn money. So, how do you earn money from a blog? There are many ways, but the best one is by placing ads on one’s blog. So, advertising is the prime source of income for most of the blogs on internet. Many of you are well aware of ad services for blogs like- AdSense, Chitika, Infolinks etc. Here I will guide you through all those topics one by one.

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ads, ads everywhere!
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Why do we need ads and ad providers like AdSense?

Why is advertising important for a blog? Why do we need ads to ruin the look of our blog? Well, the answer lies in the fact that we all want to monetize our blogs or at least make our blogs financially self-sustaining. And the best way for making the above statements happen is by placing ads on blogs!


We all need money.

Now, placing ads on sites is easy. But the difficult part is earning revenue from those ads. For that, we need decent traffic. And yes, just traffic is not enough. Revenue is only generated when users click on the ads on our blog. For this to happen, the ads must be relevant and must be of some use to the reader. This is when ad providers like AdSense comes handy. Now, let us know more about AdSense.

Know more about AdSense and how to apply for an account:

AdSense, which belongs to Google is not only trusted, but it also places relevant ads related your site and audience, thus increasing the ‘CTR’ (Click Through Rate). This increases your revenue. Sounds so cool and simple! This makes AdSense the most respected and sought after advertisement service online. Companies want the service of AdSense to promote their product to the right audience and bloggers want to earn good revenue by advertising AdSense ads on their blogs.

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It is the best!
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But AdSense is very strict when it comes to choosing its partners. Your site has to obey certain guidelines and rules before AdSense accepts it for publishing ads on it. For example- your site shouldn’t contain pornographic content, copyrighted material etc. You can apply for an AdSense account here. But before that, go through the guidelines over here. Make sure that you site follows these guidelines. If your site doesn’t match the standards set by AdSense, your application will be rejected. And if you are from India, then your blog has to be at least 6 months old before you apply for an AdSense account.

Review of your blog by AdSense:

After applying for an AdSense account, you will be asked to place an ‘ad code’ on your blog. AdSense conducts a second review of your blog and either accepts or rejects your request for an AdSense account.

What to do after request gets rejected by Adsense?

It is common for requests to get rejected repeatedly. AdSense gets offended even by the smallest of mistakes. It doesn’t tolerate malpractices like plagiarism, paid traffic etc. You can always use the Google Webmasters Tools to make your site more Google friendly and optimize it. This is a great way to make your site meet the AdSense standards.

What to do after request is accepted by AdSense?

Once your request for AdSense account gets accepted after the two reviews, live ads will begin to show up on your blogs. You can edit the types of ads and customize it using your AdSense account and earn good revenue according to the traffic your blog gets. But note that if AdSense later finds your blog breaking any of its terms and conditions, then your account may get rejected!

AdSense alternatives:

adsense alternatives

We have plenty of AdSense alternatives!

If you are tired of getting rejected by AdSense, don’t get disheartened. There are some other good ad services too who are similar to AdSense. These AdSense alternatives are not as strict as AdSense and provide good ads and revenue too. I’ll write about the most reputed ones here.

#1 Chitika

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Chitika has got text ads, banner ads and in-line-text ads. Usually, request for becoming publisher gets accepted easily. It delivers relevant and reader targeted ads. Payment options like PayPal, Wire transfer, Bank Check are available. The company is a reputed one. You can join Chitika without any fear or doubt. The minimum payment threshold amount is 10$.

#2 Infolinks

A very good AdSense alternative. It offers in-text-ads, frame ads etc for publishers to choose from. A reputed company, the minimum payment threshold is 50$. Payment options like PayPal, Wire transfer, Check are available.

#3 Bidvertiser


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Bidvertiser offers a variety of ad options for publishers like banners, text ad, pop up ad etc. They also offer a referral program for publishers. Minimum payment threshold is 10$ by PayPal. Other payment options include Check, Wire transfer etc.

#4 Clicksor


Clicksor is an established player when it comes to online advertising. It provides more than 10 forms of ads. Minimum payout threshold is 50$. Payment method includes PayPal and Check. They also offer an attractive referral program for publishers.

These are the AdSense alternatives that I’ve used on my blogs. There are many other good ad services for blogs. But I prefer the above mentioned ones.

Which types of ad format to choose and where to place it?

ad position

Position of ad is very important!

The ad format and its position plays a great role in the increase/decrease of CTR (Click Through Rate). Banners grab eyeballs fast. They must be place at a position where they can be seen easily, like the top left corner of blog. It is also a good idea to place ads at the beginning and end of the post.

Don’t overdo ads on any page. It is a bad practice. It makes your page look less appealing. Also try not to use the pop-up or pop-under ads. Users of the site gets frustrated with such type of ads. This will ultimately reduce the traffic of your blog.

Why it is necessary to choose good (and reputed) ad providers?


malware diagram

Badware results in trouble!
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What happens if you choose the wrong ad provider? If your ad provider is a compromised one (quality wise), then chances are that you end up publishing ‘Badware’ on your blog! Badwares are like ads but they contain harmful malware in them. They soon infect your blog and infect your visitors too. If Google notices it, it will soon take appropriate measures and may even blacklist your blog! It is called ‘Google death’. After Google death, your site will be virtually invisible!

The quality of your ad provider will decide the income that your blog generates. What use is huge traffic if they rarely click on the ads placed on your blog? Ads must be relevant and that’s why ad providers like AdSense are preferred by millions of bloggers worldwide. The above mentioned AdSense alternatives are also good enough and generate good income. That’s why I mentioned them here. So, when it comes to monetizing your blog through ads, choose your ad providers wisely, place the right format of ads at the right place and never overdo it! Please provide your valuable feedback in comments.


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