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When it comes to blogging, promoting and sharing your blog posts on Social networking sites is very important. Sharing and promoting is as important as publishing blog posts. There are many plugins available for making a WordPress blog more ‘Social network’ friendly. AddThis provides such plugins. Here, we will review AddThis’ latest WordPress plugin called ‘Smart Layers’.

addthis smart layers on a blog

AddThis introduced Smart Layers few months ago. But the WordPress plugin was released recently. At once, I started using it on my blog. After some tests and analysis, I have arrived upon the pros and cons of this plugin.


Since the beginning of my blogging days, I had been using various AddThis plugins. I religiously used its sharing, follow and welcome plugins. Using all the three plugins caused my blog to slow down a bit. But the plugins were very important since they helped me get more traffic from Social networking sites. The ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’ increased the number of visitors drastically.

The Biggest Advantage of AddThis Smart Layers :

The folks at AddThis have done a great job by combining two plugins- share and follow into one. Yes, Smart Layers plugin does the task of two plugins! Once you activate this plugin and set it up, you may deactivate and delete old plugins like- AddThis Share and Follow.


They have also introduced some exciting new features in the plugin. The ‘related posts’ thing is very useful and works like a charm. If you are already using any ‘related posts’ plugin, you may deactivate and delete the old one!


Another new feature is the ‘What next’ function. When a user scrolls down the page, a pop up will emerge suggesting the user what he should do next. Again, a very useful feature included in the plugin.

It is faster than other social bookmarking plugins

As I mentioned above, the old AddThis sharing and following plugins made my blog load slow. On compressing the JavaScript and CSS, these plugins even failed to load sometimes. But Smart Layers is different. It is faster than the previous plugins. It loads very fast, compared to the older versions and other competitors.

Smart Layers looks great!

Besides its usefulness, I must also appreciate the appearance of this plugin. The social sharing buttons are present in a vertical line on the extreme left of the blog. The follow buttons appear on the top right corner.


The buttons are responsive and colorful. The design is eye catching. It will prompt the visitor to share the content on the respective social networking sites.

Smart Layers works well on Mobile phone browsers and Tablets too

Yes, this plugin works like a charm across various devices and browsers. When you activate this plugin and open the plugin’s editing panel, you will see how the plugin works across different platforms.

The plugin is easy to customize and edit

smart layers' codes for buttons and follow

Smart Layers’ codes are easy to edit!

Editing and changing the buttons of this plugin is very easy. You don’t have to be a coding expert to make minor changes to the plugin’s appearance.

You may easily insert new sharing buttons and remove existing ones by editing codes.

The only disadvantage that I saw :

I mentioned earlier that this plugin is faster than the previous ones. Yes, it is true that this plugin loads faster. But still, it ultimately makes your blog load a little slower. If you remove this plugin and check your blog’s loading speed, you will come to know of the dofference.

But considering the usefulness of this plugin, this reduction in loading speed can be ignored safely.


According to my review, this plugin is a great Social bookmarking plugin with added features. It is highly customizable. You may easily choose which feature must be turned on/off. If you are an AddThis fan, this plugin is a must have. This plugin is a multitasking one and offers traffic analyitics also.It will help you get rid of a couple of plugins also. Hope you liked my review.


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