A small lie that saved Messi’s career.


Here we are at it again! Four and counting for Messi. This man seems to be a one of a kind talent. At such a young age he has achieved what many players couldn’t muster after their entire careers. He is special: for his teams and fans alike. But have we ever wondered about the circumstances in which he joined Barca, where he would achieve it all? Read on about how a small ‘lie’ and dishonesty helped him make the move.

Most of us know the fact that Messi suffered from a growth hormone defect. As a 6 year old boy,El Enano( The Dwarf, his then nick-name) was signed by Newell’s Old Boys, a local footballing powerhouse. It was agreed that they would help pay the expenses pertaining the treatment.

Messi entertained the fans and delighted his coaches at the same time. However the treatment meted out to Messi was quite expensive. Around $100-1500 a month. This expense was bore by his father, Jorge Messi and the company his father worked for. Enter the economic recession and things got worse. His father found it difficult to continue the treatment using the available resources.

Considering his financial limitations and his son’s talent, Jorge decided to take his son to Spain, where he had relatives in a city called Lerida. The arrangements for the travel were made soon. Being aware of the part Newell’s Old Boys had had in Leo’s upbringing and training, Jorge felt guilty over not informing the club about the journey. But at the same time he was afraid that the club would persuade Leo not to go.

After finding Leo absent for three weeks, the club inquired about the reason for his absence. They were told that Leo had Pneumonia, a small lie! Meanwhile Leo had trials at Barca, where he impressed Carlos Rexach, the then Sporting Director at Barca. He made a contract letter on a paper napkin, at an eating outlet. The rest as they say, is history!

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