A reason why hanging Afzal Guru is not the end of terrorism

In a secret operation, Afzal Guru, the  2001 Parliament House terror attack mastermind was hanged to death in Tihar jail. The hanging took place at 8 am and the body buried inside the jail itself. His mercy petition had been earlier rejected by president Pranab Mukherjee. But what if all of this ‘hanging’ affair is a conspiracy? What if he is still alive? ‘Secret hanging’ has its own advantages. Well, the author was joking. Though, a doubt lingers behind the back of my mind when the word ‘secret hanging’ is heard.



The government has its own reasons for keeping the whole affair secret. They have a logical reason too- to prevent unrest and protests. Consider the case of hanging Ajmal Kasab, it went smoothly. The same logic applies here.


Now, let’s come to the topic of effect of this hanging on terrorist activities. By hanging this man, do you think the terrorist activities will stop? By seeing this man getting hanged, the terrorists would be too afraid to strike in India again, right? Let me assure you that terrorists are prepared to embrace death doing their ‘job’. A member killed will be replaced by another.



It is being reported that Afzal Guru was calm and collected before his hanging. The author thinks that Guru was aware that someone else would assume his throne and continue terrorizing our country. A bad thought. Kashmir is still under curfew after his hanging.


By meting out capital punishments one after the other, the government is showing its ‘tough on terrorists’ look. Of course, it will keep the citizens happy. After all, the men who killed innocents are being hanged, right? But after hanging a handful of individuals, will the same citizens get safer? I would say no, we won’t get any safer until the existing security system is revamped and fine-tuned.


Time will soon pass away and we will be attacked again if we don’t get alert to the dangers.


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