8 unheard facts about Eiffel tower


8 unheard facts about Eiffel Tower


Here are some interesting and unheard facts about the architectural wonder named Eiffel Tower:


Eiffel Tower- Flickr/GAC

Eiffel Tower- Flickr/GAC

It was designed and built by engineer Gustave Eiffel and is named after him. He also built the framework of the statue of liberty. It took 300 steel-workers to complete the construction of tower. It took them two years, two months and five days to complete the tower.


The tower’s surface is hand-painted every 10 years to prevent corrosion. The amount of paint required is about 60tonnes.


Tourists- Flickr/GAC

Tourists- Flickr/GAC

The tower is a tourist hot-spot. So far, more than 300 million people have visited the tower.


The Eiffel tower contains 18,038 pieces of steel. It weighs 7,175tonnes. 2.5 million rivets areused to connect them together.


Paris- Flickr/GAC

Changing height!- Flickr/GAC

The height of the tower changes periodically! Due to thermal expansion and contraction, its height may increase of decrease by 15cm.


The Eiffel tower has been featured in many movies. The list is too long.


The tower consists of lifts to carry people to the top. You can also take steps to get there. There are some 1,665 steps that will take you there.


The tower is lit by 352 projectors of 1000watt and 20,000 lights.


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