8 strange laws

Law and order is necessary for our very existence. Every responsible citizen must follow the law and rules laid before him/her. Folks breaking laws are meted out punishments. But what if the law itself is absurd and downright crazy? Would you follow it? Here are some dumb laws that are sure to make you laugh:

It is illegal to play with a yo-yo or play with a teddy bear in Memphis, USA on a Sunday.


You may not call a pig ‘Napoleon’ in France.


You can’t photograph a rabbit during the months of January, February, March and April in Wyoming without official permit.


If you are from Indonesia and you own a pet monkey, you should have an identity card for the monkey, with photo and other details of it.


“No lions shall be allowed to run wild on the streets” says a law in Alderson, USA.


You are not allowed to eat a rattlesnake in public on a Sunday in Kansas, USA.


You are not allowed to open a can with a revolver in Spades, USA.


Anyone detonating a nuclear device within the limits of Chico, CA, USA is liable to a fine of $500.


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