6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Android Phone


6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Android Phone


About a month ago, I bought an android phone, XOLO A 500. I was excited about my new phone. It had big screen, android OS and I never had used a touch screen phone before. Before that I used a Nokia N79. Things went fine for some time. But soon I came to know some hilarious drawbacks and some serious drawbacks in android phones.

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This article is part humor and part serious .

1 Battery Life is poor

This is a serious issue. The battery life of my android phone is not up to the mark. My nokia N79 used to perform much better. I travel to home on vacations by train. The journey is 12 hours long. My nokia N79 used to last more than those 12 hours of journey despite all that internet surfing, gaming and listening to music. But my android phone hardly lasts 12 hours. First I thought that there must be something wrong with my android phone’s battery. But my friends, who use android phones of other brands face the same problem.

2 Waste of time

Surfing the net and watching videos on the big screen is a nice experience. After buying this android phone, I’ve wasted hours just watching videos and surfing internet. When I used nokia, this problem never bothered me. I never used to indulge much with it. But situation has changed now and my time is being wasted!

3 Money gets wasted

If you don’t have internet on your android phone, then what is the use of that phone? Many cool apps require internet connection. The app store, with it’s cool collection of apps entice me to download them! The result- I activate big data packs to download them all from play store!

4 Games are villains

The play store offers a variety of cool and addictive games for my android phone. I enjoy playing them and thus waste my precious time. In my hostel whenever my phone is lying idle, my friends would pick it up and start playing games. Sometimes, I wouldn’t get back my mobile in my hand for hours. This sure is frustrating.

5 App permissions : I’m paranoid about it

When you install an application from the play store, the app asks for certain permissions. Some of these permissions are accessing your phone list, messages etc. I’m paranoid about the whole thing and always have privacy concerns.

6 Now, some false promises made by Xolo

Xolo company claims that my android phone has got a 5 MP camera and LED flash. But in reality, it is no better than a 2 MP camera. The LED flash doesn’t make slight improvement to the picture in low light condition. I still use my nokia N79 to snap photos.

Well, guys, this article about why you shouldn’t buy android phone is a humor post except for the 1st reason (related to battery). If you have some funny/serious reasons of your own about why one shouldn’t buy android, please mention them in comments.


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