5 ways to stop corruption

5 Ways to stop corruption.


Corruption it seems has become a part of a politician’s career, at least when it comes to India. There are countries that fare higher than India in corruption rankings. But being a patriotic (I think so) citizen, I’m much worried about the plight of our country. It seems that each month, we will be hearing a new ‘scandal’. Media celebrates these ‘scandals’ for a few weeks and that’s it; after sometime, the case goes silent and the accused just slip back to their normal life.


Against it!

Against it!

On hearing the astronomic sums that these individuals have siphoned off, I wonder what they intend to do with shitloads of money. I mean, sometimes I feel I should have had superpowers to fight corruption and crimes in our country. Below are few steps which will help us curb corruption to some extent.


Make use of RTI


Believe me it is a great way to fight corruption. Many irregularities have been brought to light by using RTI. RTI enables us to access information which can be used to find presence of corruption in various departments of the government. However, certain sectors like Military, Intelligence, Revenue departments are ‘immune’ to RTI, owing to the nature of their work. I think this tool is sufficient enough to kick-out corruption at many levels. If you are interested, you may go through a previous article which is related to RTI.


Change ourselves


In order to change the society, we must change ourselves. We too are part of the society. You won’t have the moral strength to fight corruption if you are into giving bribes to get things done. Have you/you parents ever have had to pay up a bribe to get shit done? Many will answer in positive. I know many guys who have shelled out money at the RTO to get a license without giving any tests. It is a shame that youngsters too are succumbing to it. Why pay bribe to get such jobs done? Go through the normal process to get it done. If the officials insist on bribes, there are many places where you can complaint. One day, we will be sitting on those chairs, managing offices. We shouldn’t be tempted to take bribes! Change starts from within!


Vote them out


Many times (almost always) it happens that the election candidate seems to be a honest guy to us, thanks to his campaigning team, who writes up those promising speeches! He shows his true color later, when corruption scams gets unearthed one after the other. It is not wise to believe them again. We should be careful to select representatives and leaders, who are honest and efficient. That breed still isn’t extinct, there still exists some of them.


Raise voice against it


Is corruption everywhere around you? Why sit back? Join hands and fight it. You can take the matter to higher officials, to the media or better yet, the social media! Why not form a group and go to villages and educate the illiterate people about the RTI, its uses etc. Focus on them because it is them who are exploited and can’t resist it. I’m saying this because I’ve done it (we formed a kick-ass group in our college!). You’ll feel great. Remember to keep the fight going with continued persistence.


Develop next-gen


The children are treasures of our nation. Tomorrow, it is them, who will assume offices and walk the corridors of power. We must inculcate in them those values which will enable them to refuse the temptation of bribes.



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