5 types of soccer fans

Five types of soccer fans

Author- Rahul Jain

Soccer fans: passionate, loyal supporters of their club/country. Based on my observations, I’ve come up with this list describing the types of fans.

The Ultras:

They are notorious for resorting to violence. Racist chants are also expected from them. Passion without values is what results in this category of fans.


The loyal ones:

Very passionate and proud of their team. Unlike the ultras, they don’t resort to violence. You can always see some of them weeping in the stadium when their team loses, they seldom leave the stadium even when their team has no chance of winning a game.


The ‘opportunist’ fan:

You may well be aware of many. They support the team who win some stuff. Next year, when another team lifts the same trophy, they start supporting the new champions.


The ‘newbie’ fan:

Let me describe this category. Such fans are new to the game. Let us say that a guy started watching the Premier League last year. There is a good chance that he ends up supporting Man City, the winning team. These newbies may later go on and become loyals or ultras. I have many friends who are Man Utd fans, who started following PL  at the same time when Man Utd won the Champions League  beating Chelsea.


The ‘player’ fan:

He may become a fan of a club when his favourite player joins that club. When C Ronaldo was bought by Real Madrid, many of my friends started supporting Real. Note that these guys didn’t even followed La Liga until then. PSG also ‘earned’ many fans when they lured in the likes of Ibra, Thiago Silva, Beckham etc.


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