5 easy ways to save petrol


5 easy ways to save petrol

Author- Sagar Mistry

Earlier I used to be a like pest, bothering my dad to buy me a bike. After months of ‘dogged-persistence’, I was rewarded a brand new bike: Pulsar. I was in seventh heaven for the first few months, but not anymore. I’m not saying that I suddenly lost love for my bike. All this happened thanks to the rising petrol prices. Literally I beg before my parents for the money to get the tank filled (a fraction filled). No more do I go around ‘roaming’ on bike along with friends. There are many dudes out there facing the same problem. Here I’ve put together some easy methods you can try to save some money. You may be well aware of these methods but I’m sure it might be of help to some miserable soul (like me!).

Fine-tune your vehicle

Make sure that the oil level is optimum time and again. Also check if the tyre pressure is all well set. Tyre pressure needs to be adjusted according to the climate. Don’t forget to service your vehicle at regular intervals. A well maintained vehicle can save your money. The money invested for maintenance is never wasted and will only save your money in the long run.
Split expenses

Do you go to college on bike/car alone? Do you commute on bike alone? Who do you think you are? Ghost freaking Rider? Come on, that rear seat is all empty. Why don’t you ask your friend, who stays near you and study/work together, to travel with you? You could work out a deal and share the expense between both of you. Worth giving a shot. Better yet, pay attention to the next tip.

Public Transport

All those buses and trains are meant for our use. Why not lock your bike for a couple of days use public transport mode? I depend on local train to go to my college. Yes, I commute a la spider-man on local train. This way I save up money otherwise spent on petrol and public transport is dirt cheap (relatively).

Plan before you go

Before you go out to buy a pack of chocolate from the grocery shop on your vehicle, make up a list of things that you plan to buy in the near future. This way, you’ll have to go only once instead of going over to the shop many times. Better yet, follow the next step.

Running errands? Walk it

Why not walk those ‘not too long’ distances? It is good for your health and save some fuel too.

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