5 annoying types of drivers you’ll find on road


5 annoying types of drivers you’ll find on roads


Many times it might have happened that while driving to your destination, you faced a nerd who’d speed his vehicle, as if he is being chased by aliens, who want to kidnap him and conduct research on his body. Well, this happens time and again. I’ve named these ‘species’ of drivers- ‘speeding-jacks’. What they actually should be called is- ‘speeding @@#@’, for they compromise their and others’ safety. Not only speedy guys, we often happen to face tons of other annoying types drivers on roads.

Sometimes, we are also forced to speed up, thanks to circumstances like waking up late for work/college (this always happens with the writer!). But some people always resort to high speed for no known reasons. Here I’ve put together a list of annoying types of drivers who we often come across on roads.


The ‘high-speed’ guys

F1 car- Flickr/LOC

F1 car- Flickr/LOC

As I’ve mentioned before, these guys speed-up their vehicles for no apparent reason. Sometimes we too are forced to go a la fast and furious, thanks to shortage of time. But these speedsters always seem to be in a hurry, despite having no ‘time-restrictions’. When does it get annoying? Many times I’ve seen them overtake from the wrong side. They also seem to pay no attention to the speed limit. It seems that for them, the speed limit boards are pieces of decoration, arranged at regular intervals on either side of the road. Some speedsters overtake us and always turn back their head to cast a glance on us, as if we have been racing all this while and he’s beaten me. They are always dangerous, posing a threat to others on road.


The ‘snail-speed’ guys

Too slow! Flickr/ANNM

Too slow! Flickr/ANNM

They are slow, too fucking slow. Why so slow? Maybe they are using a kic-kass vehicle, lifted straight out from the Flintstones cartoon, powered by ‘leg-power’! Aged folks drive very slowly often. When does it get annoying? By driving slow, they slow down rest of us, who are just behind them. Slow drivers cause problems when it is difficult to overtake them due to narrow roads.


Excessive Horn honkers

These type of fellows loves to blow their horn. The truck-drivers are an excellent example of this category. Apparently, all they want to do is to make sure that the entire town listen to their new ‘Sheila ki jawaani’/bolly-wood song style horn and appreciate it. Not a pleasant situation if the said driver is right behind you and honking his horn unnecessarily, damaging you ears. Yes, the sound levels are pretty high and may damage the eardrum.


Bossy pedestrians

Crowded!  Flickr/LOC

Crowded! Flickr/LOC

Sometimes, pedestrians can also be of trouble to us. Many people walk on the roads in groups and walk right on the middle of the road! They pay no attention to the vehicles and they expect the drivers to steer away from them and the road.


Talkative bikers

Talkative! Flickr/SLQ

Talkative! Flickr/SLQ

They usually comprise of 3-4 bikers, talking while riding their bikes on road! For the ease of communication, they ride next to each other, riding slowly, thereby blocking space for others to overtake them.


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