4 ways you are unknowingly ruining your computer

Can you live without computer for a month? Many will find it difficult to be without one. You know everything about your PC/Laptop, don’t you? Here are five ways you could be unknowingly harming your system.


Don’t try to act as if you haven’t been to an adult site all your life. According to a survey conducted by researchers in Britain, as many as 70% of adults admitted to watching porn on their laptops and office PCs having internet connection. The problem with porn is that it comes laced with various viruses, Trojans and what not! So, the next time you download that favorite porn clip of yours, you could be inviting trouble. What is the solution? Stop visiting such sites. Install an efficient antivirus software and keep it up to date.


Free downloads and Goodies

You might have thanked those websites providing you with free software, wallpapers, music downloads, videos etc, haven’t you? So nice and kind of them to go through all that hard-work and put it before us to download. What happens in such sites is that the content is uploaded by random folks. Many times the stuff is not checked thoroughly. The result? Some badasses use such platforms to circulate virulent contents around. So next time you download ‘free’ stuff, make sure you have the good stuff.


Not using UPS

You all are aware of the consequences of not using a UPS. Without the UPS, your system is prone to problems caused by power fluctuations.


Wasted Memory space

This is a common problem. So many useless junk files and cookies eat up precious Space and slow down your system. It doesn’t happen in a day. But over a long period, such files and cookies gets gathered and occupy much more disc space. Always remember to clear the cookies. C Cleaner is a good software to tackle this problem. Use the ‘%temp’ command in the ‘run’ option to clear out temp files.


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