4 easiest exercises/workouts to get fit at home


4 easiest exercises/workouts to get fit at home


Many of us don’t work-out regularly due to lack of time. Exercising regularly is necessary to stay fit and in shape. It all depends 70% on your diet and 30% on exercising. Nowadays, we are too busy to find time for exercising. School students have no time to play- thanks to tuition classes, X-boxes and the internet! Similarly working people go through the daily grind and are too lazy to exercise on off-days. Many of us take a gym membership to get in shape. We start off well, but soon we give up when faced with time restrictions.

Some people say that the gym memberships are too expensive. They also don’t like to purchase expensive gym equipments. After listening to all these excuses, I’ve decided to come up with this useful article. This article will help you form a workout routine that you can do easily at home, with few equipment- a pair of dumbbells and a gym mat. And wait, these workout sessions will last only 20-30 minutes.

You have to do these workouts on alternate days. You are free to experiment and form your own ‘circuit’ of exercises.


Squats require no equipments. Squats burn off fat effectively. Squats are great for your legs, thighs and abdominal muscles. If you want to try out a high intensity workout, then jump-squats are for you! Find more about squats on this site.

Body weight Push-ups

Push-ups also don’t require any fancy equipment. Push-ups shape your biceps, shoulder, back muscles and legs. It is a whole body workout. You may do the simple regular push-up or you may try a variety of push-ups. You can find all about push-ups here.

Pull ups

Pull ups also don’t require fancy equipments. All you need is a strong horizontal bar. Pull ups are good for biceps, various muscles on hands and back. Find more about pull ups here.

Dumbbell curls

dumbbell curl

Dumbbell curl- commons.wikimedia.org

Well, this exercise demands an equipment! A pair if dumbbells will do the trick. They are not too expensive. You can save enough money to buy a pair of dumbbells by cancelling your movie outing for a month. Dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises. The simplest one is the bicep curl. It enhances you biceps and other arm muscles. For more of dumbbell workouts, visit this site.

You can perform 5 sets of these exercises, each set consisting of 15-20 repetition. Remember that just ‘working out’ is not everything. Try to follow a healthy and nutritious diet. Remember that a good diet plays a much important role (70%) compared to exercise (30%) on your way to ‘dream fitness level’. Rest is also important. Try to get at least 6 hours of sound sleep each night. Have patience, results won’t be visible within a day. It will take some time! Be patient and consistent!


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