3 things we learnt from die-hard series so far


3 things we learnt from die-hard so far

Have you watched the latest movie of the die-hard series? It is named ‘A good day to die hard’. I haven’t missed a single one of the Die-hard series. Yes, they are good movies; worth watching once, but full of blasts, flames, wounds and crashed vehicle. Apparently, the protagonist John McClane, a cop, is too much to handle for terrorists and other baddies.


McClane’s hobbies include running into trouble, killing baddies, blowing up goddamn choppers using his humble police car and much more. I’ve come up with a humor article about 3 things that we can learn from this series of movie.


John McClane attracts trouble

John seems to be like a magnet. Instead of attracting iron, he attracts trouble. Take the very first Movie- Die Hard. He tries to meet his estranged wife in her office to reconcile with her. Instead of winning her heart and having a candle-light dinner with her in a hotel, he runs into a group of terrorists in her office. Take the latest part- A good day to die hard. He travels to Russia to bring home his son from jail. He ends up indulging in car-jacking, high-speed chases and visiting an abandoned town in Russia. So where does it all point to? Why can’t he live life like another man? Why go through all these explosions and gun-fights? Yes, he has a unique property of attracting trouble.


Bullets hate McClane

McClane always runs into baddies and is forced to face a shower of bullets every time. Well, that’s his choice. But what amazes everyone is the fact that despite all the bullet showers and bomb-blasts, McClane comes out victorious, only bearing small cuts and bruises. I’ve concluded that ‘bullets’ hate McClane’s body. That’s why he doesn’t get shot a single time ( in the latest part), despite the sheer number of bullets fired at him by baddies and a freaking chopper carrying machine guns. Yes, the odd bullet finds its way into McClane’s body, but he does that himself (as seen in Live Free Or Die Hard).


McClane is fire-proof

Just look at the sheer number of blasts he has survived! This man seems to be what every Fire Fighting Force in this planet craves for. You can expect him to survive a blast, which others may not. An area of 50 meter radius around him will be reduced to shambles, but he will come out, bearing some cuts and bruises. He simply goes on to kick the asses of baddies without showing any mercy.


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