3 imaginary reasons why our public toilets are dirty


3 imaginary reasons why our public toilets are dirty


Public toilets- those dirty, smelly, shit stained corners which can be found in railway stations, bus stands, markets and various other places. The picture that comes to my mind when talking about public toilet can be imagined up by many folks from the above description of it. How many of you have been to one? Not the ‘pay and use’ ones.

Recently, I happened to be to one (it being my last visit), in a railway station. I repeat that I had been there by mistake. I wouldn’t have ventured in there had I known that it is cleaned once in a year. I had that strong urge to pee and I never thought that public toilets would be this bad.

After going through that nightmare, I pondered about the possible reasons for its filthy and poor state. The concerned authorities’ negligence? Misuse by citizens? Whatever the reason is, I assure you that you will contract all possible viruses and infection from in there.

The place itself is nasty, the walls painted all over by perverts, who scribbled on their Nobel Prize winning literary works on the walls. Apparently the folks frequenting the toilets are awesome artists too, for I found some great pictures of human reproductive organs on the wall!

I’ve come across three imaginary and funny reasons for this plight of our public toilets:


Saving water

It seems like the general public has become much aware about the water shortage across the states of India. It seems that everyone using the toilet has made sure that they won’t flush/pour some water, even if water is available, after taking a dump. Yes, water was available when I went in, but I was careless enough to ‘waste’ water by flushing. So, the author has arrived at the conclusion that people deliberately don’t use water to flush so that they can prevent the ‘loss’ of water.


Men don’t have good aim

Men will understand it better. In a public toilet, urine is omni-present. I’m talking about the men’s toilet. The entire goddamn floor is flooded with urine. What else do you think that smelly liquid spread everywhere is? Budweiser beer? Hell no! So, what can be known from this? Yes, men have poor aiming when it comes to peeing. That’s why urine is all over the floor and not just limited to where it is actually supposed to be.


The toilet is secretly a ‘virus research’ centre

Thanks to our poor aim and our willingness to save water, the viruses and shitloads of microorganisms are getting five-star rated accommodation in public toilets. For worse, the authorities don’t seem to be interested in cleaning it up on a regular basis. Why? The question grilled the author for long until he came up with a possible answer. Yes, they have decided to keep our toilets as a breeding ground for viruses, on which they plan to conduct research. The same place will double up as toilet for the people and their ‘virus farm’ will thrive even better!

All this stuff is imaginary and came up in the pervert mind of author.


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