3 funny reasons why 7th semester GTU results are not out

3 funny reasons why 7th semester GTU results are not out


Author: Pratik Patel.

GTU hasn’t announced the results of the last concluded seventh semester exams. What’s wrong with it, you may ask. Well, the exams got over almost two and a half months ago and still no sign of results. WTF? This time I have had good papers and was expecting awesome results. I think GTU has a good sense of humor, or, better yet, they are good at trolling students. That’s why they are not declaring the results when I’m expecting awesome marks. Here, the author will discuss this plot in a humorous way.

Our papers?

Our papers? Flickr/LOC

Why go humorous and funny? Is GTU funny? Well, we GTU students are already in deep shit despair. I think we need something to laugh about, we deserve it. That’s why I’ve decided to wire a bat-shit humor post.

GTU results announcements have always been followed by emotional outbursts among students. Some would be happy, while some, sad. Those who expected to pass ended up getting backlogs and the ones who had no hope of passing get good marks. This is GTU’s funny side, the GTU results.

Let’s come to the point- why are the results not being declared? The number of student has only decreased all these years. So why are they taking so long to finish evaluating our papers? I’ve let my imagination do the talking. I repeat THIS IS A HUMOR POST! If it offends you in any way, I’m sor…wait…that’s your problem, get with it!

Here are some kick-ass humorous reasons why our are not out by now:

1. The first reason is a bit filmy. According to my theory, a group of disgruntled GTU students (like me and you), who apparently had bad exams decided to come together and hijack the entire load of GTU answer papers. Yes, just like you saw in the movie Fast and Furious. Imagine the GTU officials taking the answer papers to their checking centre in a jeep and a bunch of students hijacking the parcel on the road using sexy cars. Too filmy? Think again, sometimes, real life situations put movie scenes to shame. Like this one over here (about real life Rajinikant!).

2. Second explanation- shortage of paper examiners. So where have they gone? All of them suddenly disappear together, leaving our papers unchecked! There are many reasons.
I, being a bat-shit insane GTU student would like to think that they all were abducted by an unknown race of underground humans. Better yet abducted by freaking aliens! Either way it is abduction and there is no one left to check our papers.

3. After all these years of checking ‘retarded’ papers written by GTU students like you and me, the paper examiners have decided that they have had enough shit shoved down their mouth. Yes, they may have simply refused to check the papers we wrote, just due to the sheer non-sense feeded onto the papers. Yes, many of us write good papers, I mean the correct answers. But I know much more students who just jot down random shit that comes to their mind and troll the paper examiners. So this is more like protest by the examiners.


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