20 insanely funny-named facebook pages related to soccer


20 insanely funny-named facebook pages related to soccer


Facebook is the big-daddy of social networking. It has almost become necessary for each and every business/organisation to get their facebook page ready and running. Facebook has also shown faith in its users by letting them create their own communities and pages. That’s why we have many of those pages showing sexy photos of models and pornstars right in facebook! It is possible that many readers are having one such ‘hot’ page opened in one of their 5 tabs right now (one tab is occupied by a porn site for sure!). There, now don’t try to close those tabs and pretend like you’ve never seen it!



Coming to soccer, almost all the clubs have got their official facebook pages. They are ‘liked’ by millions of fans too. There are some pages related to soccer, which are named very funnily. Let’s check some such pages. I’m listing a few of them. Feel free to add your’s in the comments.

1.Turning down AC Milan because you are happy at forest green rovers.

2. Rejecting offer from Barcelona because you are happy at Barnet.

3. Pepe looks like a mouse on steroids.

4. We all have that one mate who acts like Balotelli.

5. Calling your connection Mertesacker because it is slow as fuck!

6. Outpacing a fat kid thinking you are Theo Walcott.

7. Calling your penis Joey Barton because it is always out of control.

8. Tanking a 7 year old off the ball and feeling like Akinfenwa.

9. Petition to add Gangnam style as a celebration in FIFA.

10. Going to the FM job centre when your mom tells you to get a job.

11. Playing passing football in the back garden and thinking you are Barcelona.

12. “Look it’s jesus!” Nan please, it’s Georgios Samaras.

13. Calling the fat kid ‘EA Servers’ because he is slow as fuck.

14.Sheik Mansour playing ultimate team in real life since 2009.

15. The awkward moment when Andy Caroll scores without his head.

16.There should be a statue of Mario Balotelli outside the Etihad stadium.

17. Introducing yourself as the ‘Special One’ in your first FM press conference.

18. Scoring a shit goal in FIFA and making your opponent watch it 3 times.

19. Aston Villa should be punished for releasing Heskey.

20. 2 footing a 5 year off the ball and feeling like Joey Barton.


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