2 surprising ways Facebook is bad for you!


2 surprising ways Facebook is bad for you!


Facebook is the largest social networking site. It is quite addictive too! Many people spend hours each day on Facebook. Like everything, Facebook too has its good side and bad side. The good side of Facebook is that it helps us connect with our friends, chat with them, find our old/lost friends and re-unite, share pictures etc. The bad side is that it is quite addictive and results in waste of time. Facebook is also a well known venue where cyber-bullying and stalking takes place. Anyone above the age of 13 can join Facebook, but Facebook is not free of pornographic content. Even teens below 18 can have access to adult content on Facebook. Another main problem on Facebook is the existence of extremist groups and pages that breeds religious hatred.

Well, the above mentioned problems are very well known to people. But, there are some other bad effects that Facebook has on people. And these bad effects are not well known! Here, this article is all about those few problems caused by use of Facebook.

#1 Facebook reduces our self esteem

On Facebook, we get to see the profiles of people who are superior to us money wise, job wise etc. Now, you can’t blame the ‘superiors’. They have the right to join Facebook and they are free to flaunt their designer suits and new SUV! But when we see them and their lifestyle, a feeling of inferiority develops in our mind and actions. This results in reduced self esteem!

#2 Facebook breeds jealousyJealousy

Many times it happens that our Facebook friends uploads the photo of their new car, home, holidays abroad etc. Again, you can’t stop them from posting and uploading such stuff. Studies show that many people get jealous when they see such posts and pics uploaded by their friends.


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