2 Crazy Things Arsenal Must Do To End Trophy Drought


2 Crazy Things Arsenal Must Do To End Trophy Drought


Arsenal’s trophy drought is a source of worry for gooners around the world. Arsenal FC haven’t won a major piece of silverware since 2005. They have had their chances to win trophies through all these years, but somehow, they managed to squander all those opportunities. A typical Arsenal season looks like this:

Arsenal logo

Good old Arsenal!        Image courtesy- Wikimedia         Commons


1 At the beginning of the season, fans and players are optimistic. There are 3-4 trophies to fight for.

2 When the season reaches its halfway mark, Arsenal are out of Premier League race and some domestic competitions.

3 Soon, Champions League exit follows.

4 After 3/4th of the season, even attaining a top 4 finish appears ‘mission impossible’.

5 In the end, somehow, heroically, Arsenal FC manages to drag its ass to the top 4 of the PL table (often braking the ass..err..heart of cross-town rivals Tottenham Hotspurs).

6 They celebrate the top 4 finish like they have just won the Champions league!

Arsenal is a club with a rich and glorious past. The best example of their glorious past is the ‘Invincible’ campaign. From invincible, they have almost become invisible. Arsenal has become a feeder club to clubs like FC Barcelona and Manchester City. In the recent years, star players of the club have left for greener pastures, after developing doubts over Arsenal’s ambitions. And yes, these players have managed to win trophies at their new clubs!

depressed man

Pictured- an Arsenal fan!
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Here are two unusual and downright crazy things that Arsenal must do (or must be forced to do) to turn things around and start winning trophies:

#1 Arsenal shouldn’t qualify for the Champions League


No CL for a season! Courtesy- Wikimedia Commons

No CL for a season!
Courtesy- Wikimedia Commons

Champions league qualification, it seems, is the elixir for Arsenal FC and its fans. Arsenal fans voice their concern all along the season, when the team performs poorly. But, as mentioned previously, when the team manages a top 4 finish (or qualify for the Champions League), the mood among the club and fans alike is like that of winning a trophy. After top 4 finish, complaints and frustration of fans are subdued!

Now, if Arsenal fails to qualify for the Champions league even for one season, it can kick-start a giant revolution within the club! The revolution may start, perhaps with the sacking of Arsene Wenger! Wenger is a great manager, but at present, it seems like he has lost that ‘winning mentality’.

It is very much possible that the fans’ anger and pressure will mount to even greater level after CL absence and the club brings in ‘top class’ players and build a ‘silverware winning’ team.

#2 Abandon the cursed Emirates Stadium


Emirates Stadium

Could it be cursed?
courtesy- Wikimedia Commons

Now, it may seem like bullshit. But actually a large group of gooners have full faith in this theory. A part of the Arsenal fan-base rubbishes the claim of Emirates being curse while the other part believes in the curse.

Arsenal hasn’t won a trophy since shifting to their new home. Now, changing and shifting to a new stadium does not necessarily invoke a curse! Look at clubs like FC Barcelona and Manchester City. They are happy at their new homes and have won trophies. But, football has its fair share of curses. Just ask Birmingham City and Derby County supporters. These clubs too had been cursed and thankfully, those curses lifted! Still don’t believe in football curses? Here is the story of Australian football team on whom a curse lasted 32 years! So, coming back to Arsenal, what if a curse really exists? Maybe a new stadium can help Arsenal out!


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